How to Compress Large Audio Files in Android

Have you ever tried to send an audio file through WhatsApp to only get the message that it’s too big? It’s something that’s happened to almost everyone and can be very annoying if it’s something you need to send immediately.

If the audio file you want to send goes over the 16MB limit WhatsApp has, the following apps can help you with that. They are easy to use, so you have nothing to worry about if you don’t get along with technology very well.

1. WinZip – Zip Unzip Tool


WinZip is an app that can get the job done and compress those files. To compress your audio file, choose where you’ve saved the file on your SD card or the External SD card. Choose the file where you have your audio files, and check the box to the right of it. If you tap on the name of the file, the app is only going to play the audio.

When the box is selected, a new paper icon with the tip folded will appear to the left of the empty square at the top right. Tap on the new icon, and choose where you want to save the file. You will see two great options, such as saving it on Dropbox or Google Drive. You can only save the file there if you purchase the app for $1.99.

After you choose a location to keep your file, tap on the blue “Zip here” button at the bottom right. Give your file a name (you will also see an option to encrypt your file), and your file will begin to compress. The files you compress will be saved on the app’s My Files option.

2. MP3, MP4 Audio Video Cutter, Trimmer, Converter


MP3, MP4 Adio video Cutter works differently than the previous app. For example, the compress option is visible when you have the audio file open. Tap on the Audio converter option when you first open the app (the orange option).

Choose the audio file you want to compress from the folder on your device. When the file is open, it will start to play automatically, so get ready to press the pause button if you don’t want to make any noise. Toggle on the compress option, and choose the encoding and bitrate of your choice.

When you’re done, tap on the big, round convert option, and name your file. Hit OK and your file will begin to compress. The compress time will depend on how big the file is. The app also has other options such as audio trimmer, video cutter, denoise audio, and more.

3. MP3 Compressor


MP3 Compressor is a very easy to use app since it keeps things simple. To start using the app, tap on the colossal Start Now button as soon as you open it. Choose the audio file you want to compress, and choose the file type and the quality.

Once you’ve chosen you’re preferred options, tap on the compress audio button at the bottom. Your file will begin to compress. The compress time with this app will also depend on how big your file is. If you want to access an audio file you’ve already compressed, select the My Album option at the bottom-left. The app also tells you how long each audio file is.


With the previously mentioned apps, you’ll finally be able to send that audio file and not have to look at that message that tells you that the file is too big. Which app worked best for you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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