Compositions: A Minimal Text Editor With Snapshot Functionality

Have you ever been working on long-term project? The kind where you have to make draft, after draft, after draft of the same keys in order to get it right. You know the procedure: save the document as a new draft, with a new title, each and every time you make significant documents. Troublesome, time wasting and extremely unproductive.

There is a free and much simpler solution. That solution is an app called Compositions. Let’s take a better look at the software.

Compositions is visually simple. You won’t find a detailed user interface or a lot of special features in the software. That is part of the design as it is meant to keep you focused. To some of you, that may be a turn off. We live in the age of multitasking and most of us hope to find a tool that does everything. That is possible. You can find tools that offer just about every feature under the sun but you have to ask yourself, can they do it all and do it well?


Compositions only set out to do one thing – allow you to create multiple drafts of documents, and save them so that no matter what changes you make, information isn’t lost in the shuffle. The way that you do that is by taking what the software calls “snapshots“. These snapshots save your document the way it was and allow you to continue working on the document. When you save the document again, the snapshots are saved with it, and you will have access to both the current and previous incarnations of your document.


Saving a snapshot is simple. You simply choose “File” and then “Save snapshot”. If you don’t like the changes you’ve made to your document, you can simply choose “Revert to saved”┬áin order to bring your document back to the way it was before. Unlike the common Undo feature found in many word processors, this will alter all of the changes you’ve made since the last save, not simply the last change. It also works if you close a document and reopen it at a later date, which is handy if you end up with typer’s remorse.


Sync to Dropbox

Other than snapshot, Compositions is also able to keep your documents in sync via Dropbox. Be it in Mac or iOS devices (yes, Compositions is available for iOS devices as well), you can always have the latest version of your documents in hand.


In short, Compositions is a minimal text editor with snapshot feature. It may seems simple and basic, but the snapshot feature is one of the most powerful feature around, and it is particularly useful if you need to save plenty of drafts. On the whole, the software does exactly what it promises and has a spell check that is surprisingly diligent for a third party piece of software. It’s a strong option for anyone who need to keep focus and has a new multiple drafts.

Compositions [iTunes app store link]

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