The Complete Swift 3 Hacking Bundle

If you’re looking to write iOS and macOS apps, you’ll need to learn Swift 3, meaning The Complete Swift 3 Hacking Bundle is exactly what you need. You’ll get courses that will prepare you for landing that iOS job and will show you how to apps for macOS and watchOS, and will basically help you go from beginner to pro.

This following five courses are included in this bundle.

Swift Coding Challenges: Real Problems, Real Solutions – Be ready for that iOS job interview that will ask you to take a whiteboard test.

  • 70 lectures and 4.5 hours of content
  • Learn the latest Swift, Swift 3
  • Ready yourself for iOS interviews and whiteboard tests
  • Look for solutions to mistakes you may have made
  • Gain in-depth explanations to how code works
  • Get challenged with strings, numbers, files, collections, and algorithms

The Swift 3 Cookbook of Code – Gain quick access to a large collection of Apple coding recipes to improve your skills

  • 274 lectures and 4.5 hours of content
  • Add to or create your own Swift docs after downloading each lecture and text file
  • Create your own library of coding for quick reference and use
  • Continue to get access to more code as it’s added to the library


Hacking with watchOS 3: Build Amazing Apple Watch Apps – Learn how to code for the watchOS platform with step-by-step instructions to build apps to submit to the App Store.

  • 114 lectures and 15 hours of content
  • Build twelve very different watchOS projects
  • Use the Swift 3 variables to create your own functions
  • Learn by using annotations, diagrams, highlighting, and callouts
  • Discover how to use controls, delegates, and protocols
  • Determine the different aspects of GCD
  • Build SpriteKit games for the Apple Watch
  • Parse JSON from a website and load the data to your watch

Hacking with macOS: Learn to Make Desktop Apps with Swift 3 – Learn how to use Swift 3 to code for macOS with step-by-step instructions to create your own apps.

  • 143 lectures and 21 hours of content
  • Build twelve very different macOS projects
  • Create your own custom touch bar buttons and controls
  • Discover split view controllers, windows, web views, and table views
  • Work with social framework and learn how to refractor code
  • Use SpriteKit to create games
  • Learn how to add audio and animations
  • Perfect strings in Swift 3, use stackView, and learn the best debugging techniques

Hacking with Swift 3: Beginner to Pro – Build 19 Apps – Build real apps as you learn how to code in iOS 10, and also use the course as the perfect reference tool kit.

  • 143 lectures and 19 hours of content
  • Use diagrams, highlighting and callouts to learn Swift
  • Learn how to use controls, outlets and actions, and logic for smooth control flow
  • Work with social framework
  • Discover SpriteKit and build games
  • Learn how to add audio and animations to your apps
  • Get introduced to strings in Swift 3

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The Complete Swift 3 Hacking Bundle

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