A New Career for the New Year with the Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle

You can start the new year in control of your destiny by training yourself right into a new career. Take the Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle courses and learn to be a programmer. You’ll learn your way completely around Ruby on Rails by taking a beginner’s course, learning the fundamentals, and the ins and outs of the this programming language with a complete full hands-on look. By the time you finish this 106 hours of practical training, you’ll know everything there is to know about Ruby on Rails.

This bundle includes the following ten courses.

Ruby on Rails: The Beginner’s Guide to Ruby on Rails Framework – Learn the development philosophy and guidelines throughout the three environments of development, production, and test.


Ruby Programming Module #1: Ruby Fundamentals – You’ll grasp the fundamentals and will understand the various deployment options for Rails applications.

Ruby Programming Module #2: Learn Variables and Arrays – Work towards becoming a master in Ruby on Rails by learning about variables and arrays.

Ruby Programming Module #3: Operators and Exceptions – Explore the Ruby comparison operator, Booleans, comments, exceptions, and if statement.

Ruby Programming Module #4: Statements, Loops and Break Concepts – Learn more about the unique concepts of Ruby such as Ruby Unless, loops, break, and next statement.

Ruby Programming Module #5: Methods, Classes and Objects – Dive into learning blocks, methods, return, classes, objects, and variables to streamline your workflow and complete common development tasks.


Ruby Programming Module #6: Learn Symbols, FileIO, Gem and Debugging – This course includes modules, methods, symbols, FileIO, Ruby Gem, and debugging and acts as the major quality control class.

Ruby Programming Training – You can wrap up all of your Ruby on Rails learning yet still be introduced to even more concepts such as WEBrick.

Ruby Debugging: Learn Debugging in Ruby from Scratch – Explore the Ruby debugger library and other debugging solutions to help you clean up your coding.

Web Development with Ruby: Learn Ruby Programming and Ruby on Rails Framework – After starting with the basics, you’ll work your way up to more advanced concepts by actually coding with Ruby on Rails.

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The Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle

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