Get Snapping with the Complete Guide to Photography Bundle

Smartphones have turned us all into amateur photographers. With cameras in our pockets or bags at any given time, it opens us up to a whole new era of photography. But instead of just taking regular snaps with your phone, why not create some beautiful artwork? You can with the Complete Guide to Photography Bundle. With this fantastic bundle you can learn everything you need to know including portraiture, editing, lighting, posing, nature photography, and B&W photography.

This bundle includes the following five courses.

Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography – Learn all the basics of photography including choosing the right camera, how to edit images, and how to shoot photos both inside and outside.

  • 175 lectures and 13 hours of content
  • Discover the differences between cameras, whether smartphones or DSLRs
  • Learn how to correctly position subjects, manipulate depth of field, etc.
  • Take strong photos no matter your subject or setting
  • Get all the right equipment
  • Discover the best lighting for your photos
  • Make your images pop with post-production editing
  • Learn how to sell and license your photos


Natural Light Portrait Photography – Take Portraits with Any Camera Anywhere – Use the best lighting to capture the perfect shot and quickly create beautiful portraits, be it natural or artificial lighting.

  • 13 lectures and one hour of content
  • Create beautiful images in both natural and artificial light
  • Learn the difference between hard and soft light
  • Find out how to manipulate light indoors and outdoors
  • Discover how to choose backgrounds and direct your subjects

Classic Studio Portrait Photography – Learn the Art of Classic Lighting and Posing – Get that professional look with classic lighting and posing in your pictures and move away from being just an amateur photographer.

  • 28 lectures and two hours of content
  • Learn the same basic lighting techniques and equipment used by professionals
  • Discover the differences between soft and hard light sources and how they affect images
  • Use simple flash photography on a budget to create beautifully simple portraits
  • Learn the art of preparing and posing your subjects
  • Find out about the different types of lenses for portraiture

How to Be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer – This is the perfect course for you if you like taking photos outdoors while on vacation or just as a hobby. You could even make it into a career!

  • 133 lectures and 14 hours of content
  • Discover how to take outdoor and nature photography
  • Create images to sell
  • Learn about the necessary equipment
  • Organize your stock photos to possibly market them
  • Make a profit off your photos
  • Learn about natural light, supplemental flash, and strobe lighting
  • Discover how to get a fair price for your photos
  • Pick up strategies to start your own business


The Art of Black and White Photography – Transform your photos into gorgeous black and white images in Photoshop while learning to overcome potential challenges.

  • 20 lectures and seven hours of content
  • Discover a range of flexible and non-destructive B&W conversion techniques
  • Learn the Channel Mixer and B&W Tool
  • Get skills in tonal range and balance of any image
  • Use adjustment layer selection masks and the Curves tool to make global and selective changes
  • Give images life with unique and complex tones

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The Complete Guide to Photography Bundle

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