Get the Complete MySQL Bootcamp for Just $10

Knowing that MySQL is used by the big technology companies like Amazon, Apple, and Twitter, you probably realize it’s worth learning but don’t know where to start. You can learn the basics of this open-source relational database management system with the Complete MySQL Bootcamp. Even better, you can do it all at 94% off.

This course can be looked at as a primer for not just MySQL but SQL as well. You’ll learn basic syntax, queries, and more, enough so that you can integrate this data-driven tool into your workflow.

Through a complete 159 lectures equal to eight hours of training, you’ll learn how to use SQL and MySQL fluently, the same as those big tech companies. Your education will include how to join two or more tables and how to design and develop schemes.

You’ll discover how to build web apps with PHP and how to build the data structure of a social networking website. Instead of trusting your data to one of the major social networks, you can build your own and know exactly what is happening to your data.

The course is taught by Joe Parys, a certified life coach, professional motivational speaker, entrepreneur, licensed psychology teacher, and head basketball coach, when he’s not educating others in tech.

You’ll need no experience to begin this course yet will get a lifetime of access through the Web and mobile streaming. You must redeem the code within thirty days of purchase and can return unredeemed licenses for store credit within fifteen days of purchase.

Learn the basics of SQL and MySQL at 94% off for just $10.99.

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