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I never was an individual who enjoyed subscriptions. The main reason behind this is because when I did carry a subscription to a popular magazine, half of the issues I received weren’t of great interest to me. However, due to the fact I paid a whole year’s subscription in advance, I at least skimmed through. I always wondered what would be a great alternative to having physical, paper subscriptions that ended up half the time in the recycling bin. I found this alternative with Newsstands for iOS. This is the native Apple application that takes magazine and newspaper subscriptions into the digital realm. How does it stack up? Let’s take a look and find out.



There really isn’t an interface for Newsstands. The “application” is simply a shelf that displays all of the subscriptions that you are subscribed to. Once the application is selected, the shelf appears. Next to the “Newsstand” label, there is a selection for “Store”. This is the section that allows you to download subscriptions.

How Does It Work?


So, how exactly do you download a subscription. It’s very easy. Once you select “Store”, you will then be presented with Apple’s modest but quality subscription selection. From Bloomberg Businessweek to The Daily, the pickings include some very popular names. When you choose a subscription you are interested in, you will be presented with a page that is quite identical to that of when you purchase an application. You can gather more information, view a couple screenshots, and more. When you finally made the decision to download, all you have to do is click the “Free” button.

Don’t be fooled by the “FREE” button though. The app might be free, but the subscription isn’t. The subscription’s page gives you a read out on costs in the “Top In-App Purchases” section. Depending on the subscription, you can renew billing per day, month, or yearly.

Subscriptions Available on Newsstand


At this moment, Newsstands for iOS doesn’t have a lot of choices in terms of subscriptions. Users looking for a cumulative news application will enjoy subscriptions from The Daily or NY Times. If technology is your piece of cake, you have choices from Mac Life to .net, and even How It Works publishing on Newsstand. The more athletic and health conscious will enjoy the subscription to Clean Eating, Health & Fitness, and much more.

In-Subscription Features


Once you have downloaded your subscription, you can set to have them come in automatically. If you do so, Newsstand will give you a notification when a new issue is available. This is recommended and a great way to make use of your subscription. The features and interface is different per subscription dealer. For example, The Daily focuses more on the news, for a lack of a better word, that day. Whereas Mac Life, a more monthly and special issue publication, allows you to check out the news per magazine with some from even November 2011 available at a cost. When you select an issue to view with Mac Life, it slides and navigates just like an eBook. If you want to navigate from, say page 7 to page 77, this is made easier with the “drawer” icon, allowing you to get a better view of each page. See an issue that you like? The “printer” icon allows you to make use of AirPrint.

How To Get Rid of Newsstand


There’s just a big possibility that subscriptions just aren’t for you with an iPhone. The small screen may make it an un-enjoyable experience, or maybe you just can’t afford to support a subscription. Whatever the reason, you can’t remove the Newsstand app just like any other app, but you can hid it from your iPhone. To do this, it’s easier said than done. You must create a folder by dragging one application over another. As the new folder is created, you must quickly drag the Newsstand application in. It’s difficult and takes more than one time to do. If you are too lazy to do this, simply make a special page just for the hidden icon (or just embrace the icon).

Ari Simon
Ari Simon

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