The Complete DevOps and Deployment Technologies Bundle

Once you have created your app or software, it needs to move on to the next stage, DevOps and Deployment. If you’re looking for tips on how to carry this out successfully, you need The Complete DevOps and Deployment Technologies Bundle. You will get several much-needed guides to help you carry this out, a $290 value in all.

The following seven guides are included in this bundle.

Vagrant Essentials: Learn DevOps Using Vagrant – Vagrant is the one solution you need to eliminate wasting money and time on creating and destroying environments, allowing you to speed up the Project Development Cycle.

Understanding Chef: The Practical Guide – With hands-on experience with Chef, you’ll be able to master building and configuring your own cloud infrastructure to write the ultimate cookbook.


Git and GitHub Essentials – In this guide you’ll learn all about Git and GitHub to not only save your coding files but restore an older saved version in case you find an error in the current code.

Learn Ansible from Ground Up: The DevOps Guide – You can pare down your coding hours significantly and eliminate several hours spent writing boring, monotonous code with this automation program.

Learn Continuous Integration with Jenkins: All in One Guide – Jenkins can simplify your life as a developer, eliminating the time spent figuring out why your code isn’t working with continuous integration.


Practical NGINX: The Zero to Hero Guide – This powerful HTTP web server also works as a reverse proxy server, mail proxy server, and generic TCP/UDP proxy server and is used by Netflix, Hulu, GitHub, and Airbnb.

Docker for Professionals: The Practical Guide – This open-source container tool helps developers wrap their code into small containers or packets, meaning they can then be shipped off or deployed on another system.

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The Complete DevOps and Deployment Technologies Bundle

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