How to Easily Combine Two Scanned Documents Into One in OS X

Usually, whenever you scan a document onto your system, OS X will create separate files for each subsequent scan which you can save to the location of your choice. This can be an issue if you want to merge many scanned pages into one document, for either sending to someone or for storage. Luckily, OS X does support combining scanned pages into one document. Read on to find out how to do this:

There are two different ways to combine two scanned documents into one document. You can either directly combine your files while scanning them so that they are all directly scanned into one document, or you can combine your already scanned documents. Both methods will use Preview in OS X.

Make sure you have your scanner turned on and ready before following the steps outlined below:

1. Open Preview, either by Spotlight, or by navigating to “Applications -> Preview”.


2. In the “File” menu, select “Import from Scanner.” Here, “scanner” will be replaced by the name of your scanner.


3. The scan import window will now open. Amongst a number of other settings that you customize, you’ll find a small check box: “Combine Into Single Document”. Remember, this will only be available for specific formats only, such as TIFF, PDF etc:



When you scan your document, your scan will be placed in an untitled file, and all subsequent scans for that period will be placed in the same file as long as the check box is checked.

(Note: Some scanners might not support multiple continuous scanning into the same document. In that case, we recommend you scan all your documents into separate PDF files, and then follow the tutorial below for combining them into one file.)

If you have already scanned your files which you would like to combine into one file, it is advisable to first convert them into PDF documents and then use one file as a master file in which you can place your other scanned images.

Here’s how to do exactly this:

1. Open all the documents you want to scan together in Preview.


2. In the side thumbnail tab, press “Command + A” to select all the files.


3. Right-click, or secondary-click your Mac’s keypad/mouse, and select the option to “Export as PDF.”


(Tip: Secondary clicking on your Mac can be set up by navigating to “System Preferences -> Mouse/Trackpad -> Secondary Click.”

4. Select the location where you want to save these files, (Desktop is the most accessible.) From the bottom ‘Format’ drop-down menu, choose ‘PDF’ and click on ‘Choose.’


Now that your files are in PDF format, here’s how to easily combine them into one document:

1. Open up all the PDF files you want to combine in Preview.


2. Select one master file in which you’ll add all your other documents. For example, in the screenshot below, the master file is “Untitled.”


3. Drag all other documents into the master file. This will result in one complete PDF with all your scanned documents.



4. Press “Command + S” or navigate to “File -> Save”, to save your document.


That’s all, you now have a single file with all your scanned documents in it.


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