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If you want to attract many Instagram followers but can’t sufficiently rely on other social media channels, you may want to start searching for suitable fans yourself. Unfortunately, this process requires a large time investment, so it would be a good idea to employ the help of an Instagram marketing tool to make it easier to expand your audience. Combin can do this for you – and a few other things, too. We take a look at Combin Growth, a convenient application that helps you get real Instagram followers and engagement, in this review.

This is a sponsored article and was made possible by Combin. The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author who maintains editorial independence even when a post is sponsored.

Getting Started

Combin exists in two flavors: Growth and Scheduler. The first one, which is also the subject of this review, is an Instagram Audience Management and Attraction tool, while the latter is designed for Instagram Stories and Post Planning.

Combin Review Get Combin

To start using either of the two, users will need to download the tool and install it on their device. Combin is available for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. At this point, Combin is not accessible through a browser, though we believe this option would make the service even more appealing.

Combin Review Log In With Instagram Account

Once you’ve installed Combin on your device, you need to log in to your Instagram account with your credentials. Your Combin dashboard will open soon after.

What You Can Do with Combin Growth

Combin Growth’s central feature lets you easily locate new users and posts that are relevant to your personal brand and niche. Depending on your subscription tier, you can perform a certain number of searches per day. In addition, Combin Growth puts a number of other tools at your disposal, including:

  • Audience management
  • Activity statistics
  • Multiple account management (proxy needed)

With Combin, everything starts from your dashboard, which is home to various options that are discussed below.

Using Combin’s Advance Search Feature

Combin Growth’s search feature helps users locate relevant users and posts to follow or leave a comment, in the hopes of receiving follow-backs and comments in return.

Combin explains that its tool does not help you grow your account artificially by gathering temporary likes and follow-backs. This is significant, because such methods can trigger Instagram’s detection tools, and you may get your account suspended or even banned. To be on the safe side, make sure you also use Combin with moderation.

Combin Review Dashboard Search Hashtag Location

The Combin search panel is pretty straightforward and quite powerful. You can search by posts or users, but you can also go much deeper than that by adding a location filter to find users near you, selecting how far back in time the tool should search for relevant posts and more. You can even set a likes and comments count, so you can ensure Combin only digs out the more popular posts.

Combin Review Dashboard Advanced Filters

If you want even more options, scroll down the Search page until you find the “Advanced Filters and Analysis” option and toggle it on. From here you can instruct Combin to look only at male or female accounts and also set a different language. Moreover, you can also target users that only have a desired number of users.

In our experience, Combin’s search function works better when you have the Location filter set on Anywhere. It takes considerably longer for the tool to serve up more targeted results, and sometimes it may even come up empty-handed.

Easily Filter Your Results

Once Combin displays the results, you can go ahead and select the posts you want to follow, like or comment on. Moreover, there’s also the option to automate Story viewing.

Combin Review Dashboard Search Results Overview

Combin offers a range of filters and sorting options for your results. For example, if you’re interested in engaging with more video creators on Instagram, you could hide Photo results as well as those users who don’t have profile pictures.

Combin Review Dashboard Filter Search Results

After you’ve made your item selection, long-click on one of the dedicated buttons below to let Combin know what you want to do.

Combin Review Dashboard Select Posts

We wanted to create a mass like, comment and account adding event for approximately 20 posts, and everything worked smoothly. But as not to trigger Instagram’s alarm bells, we didn’t make excessive use of these features by creating larger batches of posts. If you do decide to go ahead and create a mass commenting event that includes more than 15 items, keep in mind that you’ll have to create multiple comments. Combin will randomly select from the list.

Combin Review Dashboard Mass Commenting Event

Another useful option in Combin is that you can open individual posts in the app by pressing the “Show preview” button. You can also respond directly to comments from there.

Combin Review Dashboard Direct Comments

You can view all the tasks Combin performed or their progress by clicking on Tasks from the menu on the left. Depending on how large the task is, it can take from a few seconds to a few minutes to compete the operation. You’ll also be able to view the Daily activity limits from there and check the progress.

Combin Review Dashboard Task Progress

Managing Your Audience

Combin Growth makes audience management much easier. The tool allows you to tend to your followers and accounts you follow from the Users tab.

Here you can discover the users that are following you without you following them in return simply by clicking on the “Not Following” option. With Combin, you can easily mass follow them by hitting the “Select All” button in the lower part of the display, then clicking the blue “Follow users” button.

Combin Review Dashboard Mass Follow People

The other options which were present in the Search tab are available here, so you can mass like, comment, watch stories or unfollow from this particular section. Naturally, you can view individual accounts if you want. Simply press “Show preview” button at the bottom of a follower’s card.

Combin Review Dashboard View Account Profile

Combin also lets you manage the lists of accounts you follow, so you can discover which ones does not follow you back, then unfollow them. Here Combin offers you the chance to add some of these accounts to a Safe List in case you don’t want to completely lose track of them.

Plan Your Strategy Accordingly with Activity Statistics

Combin monitors your activity and keeps track of the likes, comments and follows you’ve received through the app.

Combin Review Dashboard Stats

You can also view your account’s activity over time in the Stats tab. This is accessible from the side menu on the right to compare.

How to Get Combin Growth

If you want to give Combin Growth a shot, you can get started with its free-tier which allows you to manage one account, perform 200 daily actions and see 50 search results for posts. If you feel like you need more than that, Combin offers two paid plans.

Combin Review Plans

The Personal one costs $15/month to use. The Business tier comes in at a more expensive $30/month, but it can manage up to five different Instagram accounts.

If you’re not sure which plan is best for you, download the Starter version to see how Combin Growth works and what it can do for you.

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