These Sites Show You Why Coloring Images Is Not Just For Kids

Coloring images is not just for kids. It has become a popular activity for adults, too, because it’s fun and a great stress-reliever. You can buy lots of books with various images for coloring but you can also start with the numerous free coloring resources for adults. Here are 5 sites to start with.

1. Hello Kids


Hello Kids is a kids’ site, but it has many great coloring resources for adults, too. The resources are not specifically labeled as such, but I think many guys (and girls) will love the Star Wars or Superheroes coloring sections, for example, even though they are not specifically marked for adults. Many of the sections there, e.g. Mandala, Famous People, or European Soccer, are more suitable for adults than for pre-schoolers.

2. Just Color


Just Color is another big site dedicated to coloring pages for kids and adults. The adult coloring pages cover lots of topics, some of which are pretty unique, such as Quotes, Vintage, or Russian dolls. In addition to topic, pages can be browsed by artist, too. This is great because if you like the style of a particular artist, you can check into everything he or she has uploaded to the site.

3. Free Mandalas

Mandalas are an especially popular coloring pattern for adults. Mandalas come in multiple shapes and sizes, and one of the best places to find free mandala coloring pages is the Free Mandalas site. There are quite a lot of mandalas, diligently arranged by topic and difficulty level. There are even tattoo ideas with mandalas! If you are coloring as an anti-stress therapy, make sure to check the Zen and anti-stress category.


Most of the mandalas for adults are classified as difficult, but there are a few described as very difficult that you can count on spending a few hours with.

4. Super Coloring


Super Coloring isn’t a site with coloring resources for adults only, but since many of the images there are suitable for adults, I included it on the list. The images there are really a lot – like tens of thousands a lot. They are neatly arranged in categories and subcategories, so if you are interested in a particular topic, like Flowers, or Bible, or Nature, it’s easy to find suitable images. A word of warning – be prepared to spend endless hours on this site because there are really cool coloring images here!

5. 604 Best Adult Coloring Pages on Pinterest


There are numerous boards with free coloring resources on Pinterest. Obviously, I can’t include them all. This Pinterest board with more than 600 adult coloring pages is one of the boards I liked most and is why I included it here. It’s not the most suitable resource for beginner colorists because most of the resources are pretty difficult, but the imagery is nice, and this is what I like most about this collection.

There are many more places where you can find free coloring resources for adults on various themes and with varying difficulty. If you have the time (and some sharp pencils, too), there is quite a lot of fun waiting for you online for free.

Ada Ivanova
Ada Ivanova

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