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When it comes to backing up data, most people will think of offloading your important documents to an external hard drive. Previously, we have covered various backup tools for Windows, and most (if not, all) of them use the same concept to backup your data: setup an external hard drive and schedule the software to run backup in the background. CloudBerry Backup is slightly different, it backups your files to the cloud, specifically Amazon S3.

Note: There is a free giveaway for this great software. Read on for more details.
Update: the free giveaway contest has ended.

Why Amazon S3?

Amazon S3 is a online storage service offered by Amazon. It is a paid service and users have to pay for the storage space used and the utilized bandwidth. While it is not free, the true advantage of Amazon S3 is that it is secure and reliable. For your info, you are using the same infrastructure that host millions of Amazon products and transaction detail. If that is safe enough for Amazon, you should have no worry about the security of your data. Furthermore, there is no monthly fee to tied you down. You pay for what you use, nothing more, nothing less.

CloudBerry Backup

Most of you will have heard about the CloudBerry Explorer that allows you to manage your Amazon S3 account from Windows desktop. CloudBerry Backup is built on top of the explorer technology and allows you to backup your files to Amazon S3. There is also a restore option to restore the files in the event that your computer crashed.

Setting up a Backup Plan

The usage of CloudBerry Backup is simple. After you have installed the software, you have to spend a whole good 5 minutes to setup a backup plan. The backup  wizard is lengthy, but is nonetheless important. Once you have finished setting up the backup plan, all you need to do is to run it manually, or schedule it to run automatically at regular interval.

On the dashboard, click the link “Setup Backup Plan”. It will guide you through the backup wizard.


There are several useful features in CloudBerry Backup that are worth mentioning. First is the ability to compress and encrypt your data. This will reduce the size of the file (and reduce your cost) and also add an extra protection to your file.


Secondly is the data versioning. it can keep several versions of the same file so you can restore to an older version if you have mistakenly make some changes.


Thirdly, other than Amazon S3, you can also configure it to backup to other location, such as external hard drive, Azure, Mezeo, Dunkel and Walrus. That should give you enough options to choose from.


Once you have setup your Backup Plan, you can go to the “Backup Plans” tab and click the “Run Backup Now” button.


Restoring your files

Restoring your files is as easy as running the Restore Wizard and follow its instructions. It will prompt you to choose the version to restore and the destination to restore to.


There are plenty of backup tools in the market, but CloudBerry Backup has its own niche by allowing you to backup to Amazon S3 and several other services. The backup wizard might be lengthy, but it is really a set-it-once-and-leave-it solution. With the security and reliability of Amazon S3, it really take worries off your mind.

Free Giveaway

Here’s what you have been waiting for…free giveaway. The developer of CloudBerry Backup has kindly sponsored 5 license keys for CloudBerry Backup desktop edition. The usual price is $29.90, but you stand to get it for free today. Just follow the steps below:

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Update: the free giveaway contest has ended.

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