How Many Cloud Storage Accounts Do You Have? [Poll]

One of the most appreciated technological advances is cloud storage. The cloud can be used in so many different ways and store so many different things. Yet there are so many different companies that offer cloud storage accounts. How many accounts do you have?

Cloud storage accounts definitely appeared on the scene at just the right time. With the surge in mobile devices – phones, tablets, and e-readers – we need the storage. In addition, these accounts are beneficial to those using desktop computers as well. Cloud storage accounts can store files, photos, documents, backups, etc., and are used in so many different ways. The numerous cloud service accounts all work a little differently as well, leading to the possibility of one person holding several accounts, all for different storage possibilities. Many times you can find free storage, but it has a limit. To store more files beyond that limit you need to pay a subscription fee, causing some people to hold different accounts to avoid paying.

Whether you use Dropbox, Box, Google Cloud, or iCloud, they’re all basically the same. Yet some people utilize just one while others utilize many.

How many cloud storage accounts do you have?

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  1. It’s funny that I have all of the cloud storage accounts that you mentioned but I only really use Dropbox.

  2. I use Dropbox primarily (excellent Linux integration), but I also really like Google Drive. is alright. UbuntuOne _should be awesome_ but it’s not :(

  3. As a collector of free cloud storage, I have every account you can have … all the ones you listed and more.

    That said, iCloud is not the same. It is more like Google Docs and less like Google Drive/Skydrive/Dropbox/Box/AWSBasic/etc.

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