How to Easily Encrypt Files without Password Using Cloak Encrypt

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Cloak Encrypt is a straightforward file encryption tool that helps you encrypt and decrypt files without any file passwords. The file is always encrypted or decrypted as a local device and not any external servers.

The software is very easy to use and remains free for non-enterprise users. It is available with multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

By cutting the cloud out of the picture, you, as well as your recipients, can stay assured that your information is secure. Follow the simple steps below to start using Cloak and enjoying the highest 256-bit AES encryption standards.

Download and Overview

To download Cloak to your Windows PC or Mac, first download the relevant installer at the official website. It is also available on the App Store and Google Play.

Cloak Download Webpage

After the installation, you have to create a Cloak app account with either Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Box ID or a separate email address.

Create Cloak Account

Once you set up your account, the Cloak program will be directly accessible from your system tray.

Cloak System Tray

Additionally, the individual files are available for encrypting with a right-click option. Non-enterprise users can choose only one file at a time for cloaking.

Cloak Share Right Click Files

If you want to get around the one file limitation, zip multiple files at once and cloak them together. You can use either 7-Zip, WinRAR or WinZIP to compress the files.

Cloak And Share Zipped Files

Encrypting and Decrypting File

To select the files for cloaking, you can choose them either from the system tray or by using the right-click option. Once you are done cloaking, the system will send you an alert.

Alert Cloaking Finished

To view these files again on your own computer, simply right-click and choose the “uncloak” option. You don’t need any passwords to view them. This is perhaps the best feature of this software, as it saves you the trouble of having to create and remember passwords.

Uncloak Files

Right-click again to select the recipients with whom you want to share the files.

Add Recipients Cloak

Add the emails of every recipient with whom you wish to share the cloaked file.

Select And Add Recipients

You might get an error if the recipients do not have a Cloak app account. Click “Yes’ to share a link from where they can download the Cloak app and create an account.

Error Cloak

Once the recipients confirm that they are on Cloak, you can freely exchange all your private data with them over email, messaging apps and social media. They can easily decrypt the cloaked files on their computer/smartphones without needing a password.

Cloak Enterprise

If you want more features, Cloak Enterprise offers a few additional options including unlimited cloaking for $39/per user/year. This is helpful if you don’t want to zip and unzip your files every single time for sharing within teams. For those working in healthcare, financial services and other data compliant industries, this is the best thing, as your data access can be tightly controlled.

You can also set up different levels of granular access for various groups and users based on predefined rules. A multi-factor authentication feature prevents any accidental access by the wrong persons. With LDAP and Active Directory, you can import email addresses from your database.

Cloak Enterprise


There are so many file encryption tools online. However, very few are as easy to use as Cloak, and you can run it without any compilers or external utilities. You don’t have to worry about any malware, and this software has a positive reputation among enterprise users.

Please let us know in the comments your experience with Cloak. If you are a Linux user, you can encrypt and decrypt your files with Gocryphts.

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful find. How come no one’s ever heard of it?. This is one hell of a software tool and exactly what I need right now. Although I prefer VeraCrypt or FileVault, I just downloaded Cloak and it seems bang on the money. I think I’ll be using it quite a bit now. Lol no passwords it takes a while getting your heads wrapped around such an elegant concept. Cool.

  2. Hmm?

    I just wonder what happens if I lose my laptop with this app, or they stop supporting it (it disappears from the market)?

    How will I then open my vital docs which I keep on an external server?

    Takes some headscratching to figure that out… 😁

    1. “…or they stop supporting it (it disappears from the market)?”

      As the app does not depend on any external server, it will continue working on your PC, all you have to do is save the installation program. There is an example of ZapGrab which was a free screen-saving software, until they decided to go Premium. It used to be one of my favorite tools. The older versions no longer worked on Win 7, 8 or 10. But, with older XP and Vista systems, you could copy-paste and share Zapgrab as many times as you wanted.

      “I just wonder what happens if I lose my laptop with this app”
      Anyone who has access to your laptop can easily “uncloak” and view all your files. In the event of theft or loss, all you have to do is “remote wipe” your PC. Even though you won’t see your files again (unless you take back-up in the cloud)), at least no one else can see them either. We have a tutorial on this.

      You can also use Bitlocker if you have a Win 10 professional edition. There are alternatives for other systems. VeraCrypt is really useful.

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