Clipper: A Powerful Clipboard Manager For Android

Most Android phones come with very good copy/paste feature. You just have to tap and press on the word or input field and the option to copy or paste will appear. What if you need more than just the basic copy and paste feature, such as accessing the clipboard history? You will need a third party app to do that, and Clipper could well be the one you are looking for.

Clipper is a powerful clipboard manager for Android. There are two main things that it could do: manage your clipboard content and create your own snippet text for quick retrieval. Let’s take a detail look.

1. Download the Clipper app from the Android market.

2. Once you have installed the app, you will see an icon at your notification bar. Tap on it to open the app.


3. You should see two tabs: Clipboard and Snippets. The Clipboard tab shows your clipboard history. You tap on any of the entry and it will become the active item ready to be pasted.


You can also sort your clipboard items by position, date, title, contents, or copy count.


4. The Snippets tab is where you save snippets of text, like your email signature or any other repetitive text, so you can retrieve and use it quickly. It saves you time from typing the same things over and over again.

To create a new snippet, simply press the Menu button and select “New”.


In the Pro version, you can even add dynamic time and date as the snippet. It also supports word substitution, like type “MTE” to get ““.

6. Lastly, Clipper also supports Import/Export function. You can easily export your clipboard item to your SD card and import them to another Android phone running Clipper. This is particularly useful if you always wipe your phone to try out new ROMs.


In short, Clipper is the perfect app to manage your clipboard in Android. The free version only stores 20 clipboard items and 5 snippets. It doesn’t come with ads though, and that is a good thing. The pro version costs $0.99 and allows unlimited clipboard items and snippets and more options when configuring your snippets.

Clipper (market link)


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