ClipMenu: A Useful Clipboard Manager For Mac

While working on your Mac, you are bound to use the copy and paste feature to copy and move things around. In most cases, every time you copy a link/text/document, it only works for one instance of the “paste”. You can’t “paste” several times for each “copy”. ClipMenu is a small, lightweight and useful clipboard manager that help you manage your clipboard items and allows you to work more efficiency.

What is it?


Clipmenu is an application that saves all your copied items to the clipboard so you can easily select and “paste” them repeatedly. It is perfect for the individual who is big on copying links, and just about any individual who needs to repeatedly go back to a frequently used text or link. The application runs in the background and there is no disruption to your workflow: you just need to copy and paste as usual. To access the copied links, you can right click or click on the icon in the menu bar. Clipmenu supports images as well.

Options and Settings


The settings is what runs the application, the reason it is able to run so successfully in the background. The settings allows you to launch it automatically at startup, perfect for individuals who want it to work seamlessly into their daily routine. You can also designate how many items you want to be able to copy and keep in the menu and set the automatic saving intervals.

More about Snippets


As I mentioned before, you are able to choose how many items you can save at one time. However, as we know, there can be text we sometimes find ourselves frequently using. It can be a link, email signature, or anything in between. These are known on Clipmenu as “Snippets”. The Snippets can be organized into folders and you can activate keyboard shortcuts to assign for each Snippet.

Final Opinion


If you are looking for a feature filled clipboard application, Clipmenu is the one. The application allows you to keep copied links and text temporarily or permanently. You can assign keyboard shortcuts for pasting, and even assign the permanent text into folders. Clipmenu can be the perfect application for the mother looking to collect recipe ideas, the developer saving pieces of code, and even the student preparing research for an end-of-term paper. For the free pricetag, this is the best you can get in such a price range. With the ability to work in the background, you’ll find yourself using Clipmenu more than you think you would without it.

Clipmenu can be downloaded for free from their website.

Ari Simon
Ari Simon

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