Clear for iOS: The Future of Simpler Technology

Clear for iPhone is a simple application that has one thing on its mind, helping you remember your tasks in an easier and simpler way. This makes the application beautiful ascetically as well as in it’s motive. The Clear application also shows a lot about how technology is becoming less complicating, something we see in gadgets like the Lytro. Today, we will review Clear for iOS and talk more about simpler applications and technology.

The Screens


Clear for iOS has three screens, what I like to call layers because of how it seems they are stacked on each other. These screens include the settings layer, your list categories, then the actual list. They are each colour-coded, so you know where you exactly are, since the set up of each layer is quite identical without it. The settings layer includes the button for your lists, as well as theme options, tips and tricks, a page where you can follow the Clear team on Twitter, as well as more settings. The settings page allows you to opt for a badge on the app, sound and vibration effects. Depending on how you set up your Clear app, it will depend on whether you want to opt for an App badge or not. Now, let’s take a look at how you can get to each screen on Clear.

The Gestures


The gestures on Clear for iOS are what make this application enjoyable to use. Let’s first look at the simple gestures you need to know for Clear to even be a usable application for you. The first gesture you will find yourself using all of the time is the pinch feature. This allows you to travel between layers. Simply tap to goClear for iPhone is a simple application that helps you remember your tasks in an easier and simpler way. The Clear application also shows a lot about how technology is becoming less complicating, and much easier for the consumer to use. into each layer. Once you get into lists, you must click on the number. To exit out of a layer, pinch your fingers. To create a list or task, you can scroll lightly down. However, if you want to make a task or list between two previously created ones, simply spread your thumb and index finger apart (like when zooming in on a photo on your iPhone). Then, release.

If you use the heat theme, you may have your tasks in order of importance. To change an item’s importance, simply tap to hold and drag to the desired location. Now that you know about navigation and creation, it’s now time to execute some of these tasks. Once you have completed a task, slide from the left to the right. If you haven’t done it, don’t want to do it, or want to simply delete, slide from the right to left. Lastly, if you forget a gesture, no problem, to travel between layers, just slide fully from the top to bottom (without launching Notification Center of course!).

Possibilities with Clear


With an application as simple as Clear, the possibilities are endless and up to you. Clear is like a blank slate for your ideas and tasks. For example, some of the most common uses are for grocery lists. However, I have found that Clear for iPhone is good for simple recipes. You can also use Clear for iPhone for instructions. Anything that involves execution, from tasks to steps will find a good home in Clear. However, Clear’s simplicity comes at a large cost. There are many parts of Clear that are missing that power task application users can’t live without.

What it Can’t Do


Clear doesn’t have any sharing features. The only mention of social media in the whole application is a page where you can follow the staff. Other than that, there is no way of collaboration for tasks. There isn’t an alarm. The only way you can know if you have a task that needs completing is if you opt for an app badge. However, Clear doesn’t have support for Notification Center. Not turned off yet? Clear’s character limit may be the turn off for many users. There’s no way you can have detailed tasks with a limit of 20 characters. There isn’t support with my Reminders nor iCal. Let’s get this straight now, if you are a power user, Clear shouldn’t even be a consideration. However, Clear’s idea and trend is one that is shown in technology now, simple is better. For the average, every day user, this is the case.

Technology of the Future


(Each empty space before a task is added on Clear comes with a quote, like the one above!)

When we look at Clear, an application that doesn’t have any notification feature or way of even sharing tasks, we wonder why it is being seen as something revolutionary. App developers of today and tomorrow are looking to creating applications that people understand. There are no complicating settings or features, it’s as bare bones as it gets. The use of gestures in Clear is a smart move on the developer’s part in keeping the beautiful UI. As we look outside of apps, technology in general is following suit. When looking at Lytro, this revolutionary camera doesn’t have lens options, no flash, or even a way to set modes. It allows you to take a photo and focus and do all the corrections later. This simplifies photography. Is this something that we will start seeing more and more, with computers or phones? Let us know in the comments below.

Final Thoughts

clear Conclusion

To conclude, Clear is simple as it can be. If I had to recommend it for anyone, it can’t be the business user who needs sharing or file features. It won’t be for the blogger like myself, with close deadlines, who will need alarms to remember everything. But it will be for the average consumer, who doesn’t need all of the complication. Who wants a place where tasks can be in the same place as recipes or shopping lists.

Clear is available at a special price, $0.99 on the App Store.

Ari Simon
Ari Simon

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