How to Clean The Cookies from Safari

The longer you use your computer (be it running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux), the more crap you have in it, and the slower it become. If you browse the web very often, the cookies that stored in the browser can quickly form the bulk of the “crap” that contribute to the slow performance of your computer. If you wish to keep your system running at its peak efficiency at all times, one of the thing that you need to do regularly is to clean the cookie in your browser. In this article, we will show you how to clean your cookies in Mac Safari.

For those who are not familiar with the concept of cookies, lets talk a little about them before we go about the business of eradicating them in Safari.

Cookies are the bits of information that your web browser stores about the sites you have visited. Most of that data will be related to the information you have given out yourself, such as filling in a registration form or setting up a set of preferences. In most cases, the cookies should automatically expire and delete itself from the system once the expiry date is due. However, this is not true for all cases. Some of them do not expire and simply sit on your system for the rest of its life. They act as a kind of digital waste of space in your system, a waste of space that can actually present a security risk to revealing your personal data. So, if you want to minimize your risk, and potentially speed up you system, deleting cookies suddenly seems like a very reasonable idea.

Think of the fact that it is easy to do as just one more bonus that you get for being a responsible Mac owner. Let’s take a look at the process.

Clean Your Cookies in Safari

1. If it is not already open, take this moment to open Safari by double clicking on the icon on your dock. If you do not have a Safari icon on your dock, you should be able to find one in the Applications folder in your system.


2. In the menu bar above, choose the word “Safari”. The click on the word “Preferences”. Alternatively, if you prefer to use the keyboard to get to preferences then click on the Apple key and the comma at the same time.


3. Once the preference menu opens, choose the “Security” tab. This will bring you to the security options for Safari.


4. You will see a button labeled Show Cookies”. Go ahead and click on this button.


5. You will see a button labeled “Remove All”. Click on that button to clear all your cookies.

See, that was easy enough to do. Now, you have no good excuse not to get this done on a regular basis. You will notice that your browser runs faster and smoother than it did before. Depending on the age of the system that you are using, and how many cookies you had stored in your browser, you may even find that you system is running faster on the whole. There is nothing like cleaning out the gunk to give your system a shot in the arm.

Image credit: scubadive67

Katie Gatto

Katie Gatto is a technology writer with seven years of experience, and a native Mac user. She has previously written for Apple related site such as Appletell and Mac Apper.

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