Clean Your Computer With Magic Utilities 2011

Keeping a Windows installation clean, trimmed and running efficiently can be difficult. There are multiple tools that we have suggested in the past to help with tasks such as deleting unnecessary files, stopping unnecessary programs from starting at launch, and uninstalling unused programs. However, you have to use multiple programs to achieve all these tasks. Magic Utilities 2011 provides an easy to use interface to do all the tasks mentioned above and much more! The utilities included with the program include an uninstall manager, a start-up organizer, a process killer, a disk cleaner, a file shredder, and a file protector.

Uninstaller Plus

The uninstaller tool allows you to easily uninstall any application that is on your system.


This tool is particularly useful at uninstalling those apps which the Windows uninstaller refuses to remove. Additionally, if you have already uninstalled an application but the uninstallation entry remains, you can remove it by selecting Delete Entry.

StartUp Organizer

Does your computer take forever to start-up and become usable? It could be because you have multiple applications launching after your PC boots. To speed up this process, you can use the StartUp Organizer tool to remove the programs you do not want starting when you start the computer.


You can also add programs that you would like starting when the computer boots.

Process Killer

If your computer becomes slow while you are working on it, it could be because there are a number of applications eating into your processor speed and your available memory. Use Process Killer to stop unnecessary applications and speed up your computer.


Disk Cleaner

Over time a lot of gunk builds up in your PC. I am referring to leftovers from aborted downloads, uninstalled applications and other similar temporary files. To remove these unnecessary files, use the Disk Cleaner tool.


You can add certain file types that you specifically want to search for. If you want more control, select the Advanced tab.


Once you have made your selections hit OK and Scan (in the next window).


Finally, hit Remove to delete the temp and unnecessary files.

File Shredder

Often you may have sensitive documents on your computer that you do not want prying eyes to see. In such situations consider using the File Shredder tool to permanently delete the file of your computer (without any hope of retrieval or recover).


File Protector

If you have files on your computer that you need to secure use the File Protector tool to put a password on it.


Windows Utilities

Lastly, the Windows Utilities tool simply provides a shortcut to frequently used Windows Utilities.


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