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Smartphones today are no longer used just for communication. Instead, many tasks that we used to perform on our PCs have now migrated to the mobile realm. This begs the question: Are our Android phones really secure enough to handle more sensitive operations, such as banking activities and storing confidential documents? Enter Clario, a cybersecurity app that’s built for the modern age, where phishing attacks and malware have become extremely common. This review of Clario looks at what the app brings to the table.

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Do You Really Need an Antivirus on Your Phone

According to a recent report from FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, phishing scams created the most victims in 2020 in the US, with the trend expected to continue well into 2021. As a consequence, it has become imperative that smartphone users learn how to protect themselves and their data. This is where Clario hopes to make a difference with its mobile app that makes fighting malicious attacks a real breeze.

Phishing scams today can easily infiltrate your mobile device, as cybercriminals have become increasingly adept at using undetectable methods. On top of that, the majority of people still tend to believe that phishing happens when you receive fraudulent messages sent to trick you into handing over your personal information, such as credit card data and other sensitive info such as passwords.

Smartphone Hacking Window Allegoric Flat Poster

That’s not always the case, though. Your Android can get hacked much easier. For example, just by pressing on a link or installing an app that you got via social media, text message or email, you could land yourself in trouble.

Malware, which can take the form of spyware, adware or ransomware, is another relevant issue on Android. Like in the case of phishing attacks, it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether your device was infected. This is by design, as the hackers that designed the malware don’t want you to find it and remove it.

If you’re worried that you might have inadvertently pressed on a suspicious link, apps such as Clario may be what you need to get onboard your device.

Overview of Features

Clario for Android is a minimalist cybersecurity app with a modern-looking interface that’s easy to navigate and absorb. The app is free to install and comes with a 7-day free trial, which doesn’t require you to input your card details – always a plus in our book. You’ll have to sign up with an account, though, but options for using your Google/Apple accounts are available.

Clario works by performing multiple scans to assess the health of your mobile phone. It will start by searching for spyware, but you can also configure it to scan for viruses and other types of malware.

Clario Review Antivirus Scans

The app comes with four protection areas, including Device, Identify, Browsing and Network. The first area is where you’ll find the antivirus and spyware detectors, while the browsing and network section hide a VPN option for browsing protection and public Wi-Fi security, respectively. Under Identity, you can turn on the data breach monitoring feature.

While this review focuses on Clario for Android, note that the service is also available on iOS, macOS and the Web. A Windows option is not yet available at this point.

Using Clario

Clario puts the emphasis on simplicity, so it’s a great choice for basically anyone looking to boost their phone’s security status quickly. The app is uncomplicated and quite minimalist when it comes to features for the time being. You can learn how to confidently use it within just a few minutes.

Clario Review Antivirus Identity

The app will nudge you to set up your mobile protection system by walking you through its main features and suggesting that you make the necessary adjustments. First, it will scan for any spyware. Next, it will start checking for any threats targeting your social media accounts.

For instance, the app issued a warning to update my Instagram protection by adding two-factor authentication. It’s up to you whether you want to deal with this now or skip the step and take care of it later.

Lightning-Fast Performance

A few weeks before installing Clario on my device, I might have been the target of a possible phishing attempt. I received a link in one of my WhatsApp groups, and because I was pretty distracted at the time, I pressed on it without giving it much thought. The link opened a shady-looking page where I was invited to answer questions for a chance to win a car. Naturally, I got out of there as fast as possible but eventually forgot the incident and continued with my daily affairs.

Clario Review Antivirus Full Scan

While I didn’t notice any suspicious activity on my phone after the event, I was quickly reminded of the possible threat hiding inside my phone once I installed Clario. Needless to say, I was quite anxious to perform the scans and assess my device’s health. Fortunately, the results showed that my phone was not harmed. Throughout this experience I appreciated how quickly the app scanned my device. All I had to do was press “Device,” then select one of the two scanning options. The results appeared a few minutes later.

On top of hunting for malware, Clario also scans your device and shows you any data breaches found in relation to the accounts you’ve used on the phone in question. For each breach it encounters, the app will offer suggestions of what you can do to remedy the situation.

VPN Services Are Included

The last two tiles in the Clario app are dedicated to VPN protection, which is great. This way you don’t need to install another app to take care of your VPN needs. In “Browsing,” you can enable the VPN and select a particular country to browse from to hide your location. While in “Network,” you can turn on the VPN whenever you’re looking to connect to a possibly unsecure public Wi-Fi. When the VPN is enabled, a notification will be shown at the top of your phone’s display.

Clario Review Antivirus Browsing Vpn

As a layperson, when it comes to cybersecurity, I liked how easy it was for me to start using Clario. The app doesn’t include any fancy terminology or stick super advanced features down your throat . Everything is super straightforward and clear to understand. Still, more advanced users who love getting lost in geeky details might consider this a negative aspect. But for those who prefer things a bit simpler, the app definitely deserves some atitention – especially since the app comes with a no-strings-attached seven-day trial.

Have a question you need answered? Clario focuses a lot on user experience by putting 600 security experts at your disposal who are available 24/7 to cover the key aspects of your digital life. You can get in touch with a Clario expert by tapping the “How can we help?” bar at the bottom.

Getting Clario

Clario Review Plans

As already mentioned above, Clario is free to download and install on Android. Once the seven-day free trial expires, users who want to keep using the app will have to purchase a subscription. Clario currently offers a 77 percent discount on its 12-month plan. This one covers six separate devices and will cost you $69.99 per year. Alternatively, you can sign up with the monthly plan that costs $12 and covers three devices.

Closing Thoughts

Clario for Android encompasses a capable antivirus as well as robust VPN features and makes them available for normal people who aren’t really experts in the field of mobile security. We loved its uncomplicated nature. But those who prefer having more options with their antivirus may be put off by the app’s seemingly limited functionality.

For instance, Clario does not offer an app privacy checker nor anti-theft options. However, keep in mind that the mobile app is very much still in development, so these options may eventually make their way to the service.

Clario does tend to focus on users’ needs rather than its antivirus technology. It offers a 24/7 live chat if you ever find yourself in need of any help. The bottom line is that after using the app for a week, we can’t really think of a good reason why you shouldn’t give Clario a try. If you’re looking for basic malware protection and a VPN, jump on board with the 7-day free trial and see how the app feels, then decide whether it’s for you or not.

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