How to Claim a Refund For iPhone/iPad Apps That You Accidentally Purchased

Human as we are, there will always come a time in our day-to-day life that we commit mistakes. There are those which we cannot rectify and undone and there are also mistakes that we can. More often, these mistakes will be committed if we are unsure or we really don’t know what we are doing. There are also times when mistakes happen because we want things be done quickly.

I purchased an app from App Store which I think I can use with my iPad; I was wrong. So, I decided to return it to Apple and claim for a refund. Fortunately, the amount I paid for the app was credited back to my account. I wasn’t even expecting it to happen as Apple sales policy says that all transactions made or purchases are final and cannot be refunded. Maybe I was just so lucky‚Ķ

Read before you ask for refunds

Anyway, there are certain situations that Apple might consider when someone asks for a refund, and they are as follow;

1. You are an iPhone user but you purchased an iPad version of the app or vice versa. Obviously, the app you purchased will be of no use.

2. You have the intention of purchasing a game but there are a dozen of similar names and the one you finally purchased is not what you are looking for. You can return it to Apple and request for a refund.

3. You bought a music track from iTunes but has different format and is not playable with your iPhone or iPod.

4. You have ordered a movie from the iTunes store but you found out that it would take so much time to download because of its size. When you cancel the download, you will still be charged for the movie. You can create a dispute about such transaction.

Recently, I came across with this problem and here’s what I did;

How to ask for a refund from Apple

Look for the email receipt from iTunes when you purchased the app. From there, you will be able to find a link which says “Report a Problem” and that’s exactly what you are going to do.


Now you need to reason out clearly why you are claiming for a refund from the app you purchased. First, you have to choose the problem which is closely applicable to your situation. Then, in the comments field, fill in the reason why.


If your reason is acceptable enough, then the amount you paid for the app will be credited back to your account within 24-45 hours and you will receive an email similar to this.


There is another way of claiming for a refund, try to check below;

Launch the iTunes Store and look for a drop down menu at the upper right corner in your browser; click on ‘Account‘. You will, then, be brought to your account information page. Look for ‘Purchase History‘ button and click on it.


In the purchase history page, a list of all your purchases will be presented. Look for the app you are having problems with and click on the ‘Report a Problem‘ link in line with it.


The next window will ask you to choose the kind of problem you are experiencing with the app. Also, you need to fill in the reason why you are claiming for a refund. As long as your reason is valid and logical, there is no need to worry about.


As I mentioned earlier, I should have been lucky to have received a refund because Apple is so strict when it comes to refunds. For those who have accidentally purchased an app and want to return it, you may try these steps and see for yourself how it goes with Apple. What I can advice you if Apple won’t issue a refund is, move on!

Image credit: Ben Husmann


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