How to Claim 25GB of SkyDrive Storage Space While It Lasts


If you have not been active in the blogosphere these few days, the biggest news is the launch of the SkyDrive desktop app and the Google Drive. We are not going to discuss Google Drive today. For SkyDrive, the deal is that your original 25GB storage space (if you are already a SkyDrive user) is reduced to 7GB if you currently have less than 4GB of files in the account. To get more storage space, you will have to fork out money and pay for it. However, for a limited time, Microsoft allows you to upgrade your 7GB storage space to 25GB for… FREE. Here is how you do it. Grab it while it lasts!

1. Go to SkyDrive Live and login to your MSN account.

2. On the left pane, click the “Manage Storage” link.

3. Under the Storage Plans, you should see a “Free Upgrade” link. Click on it.

That’s it. Your SkyDrive storage space should return to 25GB now.

At the same time, do download the SkyDrive app for Windows or Mac too. It allows you to sync and access your SkyDrive folder directly from your desktop, much like the Dropbox-way.



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