Use Chrome’s New Tab Page for Notes and To-Dos to Be More Productive

How to Use Chrome's New Tab Page for Jotting Down Notes and To-Dos to Be More Productive

I open the new tab page in Chrome at least a hundred times a day. And right now all it’s doing is showing me a couple of shortcuts to my favorite websites. It’s not serving me much purpose. I can get to them using the bookmarks bar, keyboard shortcuts or via Alfred. The new tab page, I’ve decided, is an untapped resource for some productivity enhancement throughout the day. The two best ways to utilize this space is to put to-dos or notes there.

Think of it. You, too, probably view the new tab page a couple of dozen times a day. And wouldn’t it be better if you could just type in quick notes there or view the day’s to-dos instead of seeing just a glorified Google search bar? Of course it would be better. Today I’ll talk about the Chrome extensions that are best to do the job.

1. Dayboard


Dayboard is the simpler version of Wunderlist’s new tab page. Here you don’t need to sign up for an account, and your tasks won’t sync between devices. The extension will ask you about the five most important tasks of the day. You’ll now see them every time you open the new tab. Dayboard also has a “Focus mode” where it will show you just one task at a time. You can mark it as done or skip it.

2. Momentum

Momentum is for people who like a bit of beauty and inspiration every now and then. Using this extension you’ll be greeted with an amazing photo and an inspiring quote to go with it. But it’s not just that. Momentum will ask you “What is your main focus for today?” Type in the biggest task for the day and be reminded of it every time you open a new page.


But along with that, you’ll also see a “Todo” button in the bottom right. Click it and you can add to-dos there.

3. DashNotes


DashNotes is like a bookmarking service just for your new tab page. While you can add text notes, the best use for the extension is to add web pages and videos to the new page. You can highlight text from a page and save it to DashNotes, and it will show up in the new tab page the next time you open it.

4. Draft


Draft is the most simple new tab page. It’s just a blank white space where you can write whatever you want, however long you want, and it will stay there.

What do you use as a new tab page in Chrome? Share with us in the comments below.

Khamosh Pathak
Khamosh Pathak

Khamosh Pathak is a freelance technology writer. He's always trying out new apps, tools and services. He is platform agnostic. You'll find an iPhone 5 and a OnePlus One on him at (almost) all times.

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