11 Best Web Development Extensions for Chrome

Featured Best Chrome Web Development Extensions

When developing a website, you have to make a checklist of many complex requirements. Whether dealing with color or font schemes, CSS layout problems, or website responsiveness on various devices, it is important to stay on top of any emerging issues. The following are some of the best web development extensions for Google Chrome (and other Chromium-based browsers).

1. Color Pick Eyedropper

Do you fancy the color scheme of a random webpage and want to utilize it in your own project? A Chrome extension called Color Pick “Eyedropper” lets you extract the colors with pinpoint accuracy and an adjustable zoom feature.

Chrome Web Color Pick Eyedropper 1

Extensions like these do require permission on all websites to perform the color extraction. If you want slightly more advanced features, there is a similar tool called ColorZilla which comes with a Gradient generator, palette viewer, and color history.

2. One-Click Full Page Screenshot

Taking a full-page web screenshot is a necessity of everyday work. Sometimes the best way to communicate your design changes is to capture the entire website as it is. With an extension called “One Click Full Page Screenshot,” you can achieve it precisely.

While the Screen capture is in progress, your finished scrolling image will open in a new window once completed.

Chrome Web One Click Full Page Screenshot 1

The entire webpage screen is now available for download in PNG format. You can also apply a number of effects to the image screen including filters, drawing over the webpage, adding text, and more.

3. EditThisCookie

Web developers need access to cookie managers to add, delete, edit, protect, and block cookies. EditThisCookie is a useful extension which lets you work with cookies as you please and export or import them in JSON format. This helps you keep the website healthy by removing old cookies and limiting the maximum extraction date of any cookie.

Chrome Web Editthiscookie 1

4. ModHeader

ModHeader is one of the most popular Chrome extensions to modify webpage HTTP headers. Using just one or two clicks, you can enable header modification based on URL or resource type. The best part is that you can create multiple profiles and add different values to the modified headers. All the modifications may be restricted to just one tab or an entire site.

Chrome Web Modheader 1

5. UX Check

We all need a heuristic evaluation of the running website from time to time. This is made easy with UX Check, an extension that displays all the UX-related feedback in a side pane. After you click on an element that does not match a heuristic evaluated by you, you can add notes and take screenshots. Finally, all the changes can be exported in .docx format.

Chrome Web Ux Check 1

6. Window Resizer

Web developers need to emulate their web pages for different screen dimensions. With Window Resizer, you can make these evaluations easily for laptops, tablets, smartphones, and any screen dimensions of your choosing.

Chrome Web Window Resizer

The tool has some cool features like “Rotate” and “Live Measurement,’ along with a bunch of visual customization functions. If you want to build a truly responsive website, make sure you have cross-checked its appearance for all screen dimensions.

7. Lorem Ipsum Generator

To quickly finish the job on a web page, you need default text. An extension called Lorem Ipsum Generator offers multiple default text options of varying paragraphs and sentences per paragraph. You can select fragments of text or whole text using an “Auto select” option. The final template gives an elegant look because of variation possibilities in text.

Chrome Web Lorem Ipsum Generator 1

8. BuiltWith Technology Profiler

BuiltWith is a classic extension to learn about all the underlying technologies supporting a website. With just one click, it creates a profile which helps you learn about the latest add-ons and instruments that make the website stand out better. This helps you replicate its functionalities for your own use.

Chrome Web Builtwith 1

9. WhatFont

WhatFont is one of the fastest and easiest ways to identify different font types on a web page. You only need to hover near the text to get its complete details. It supports advanced templates such as TypeKit and Google FontAPI.

Chrome Web Whatfont 1

10. CheckMyLinks

Sometimes we need an objective summary of all the links to a website. CheckMyLinks is a popular extension to summarize valid, invalid, and broken links. The link results for any running website are immediately viewed on a side pane. This tool is extremely handy for last minute spot checks before your website or published changes go live.

Chrome Web Checkmylinks 1

11. Pesticide

Do you anticipate CSS layout problems in your website? Pesticide allows you to debug these problems by providing an outline to every page element. By holding the Ctrl key, you can see the element info and analyze the element’s placement on the page.

Chrome Web Pesticide 1

There are many other popular web extensions which manage crucial details in website applications. For example, JSON Viewer helps those who work with JSON files. There is an HTML Tree Generator which gives a tree of all elements in a website.

Other than the above, there are also plenty of Chrome extensions to improve your browsing speed. Check them out!

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