4 Chrome Extensions to Help You with Shopping Online

4 Chrome Extensions To Help You With Shopping Online

Online shopping can get a little hectic. With hundreds of stores selling the same item at different prices, you are always left with a feeling that you might have missed out on the best deal. And what about sales and offers, are you sure you are shopping at the right time? To top it off, not having a coupon code can make shopping much less satisfying.

Don’t worry, though; below you will find four of the best shopping extensions for Chrome that will help you with online shopping one way or another.

1. Keepa – Amazon Price Tracker


If you like shopping at Amazon.com, then this is a must have extension for you. Keepa is an Amazon-only extension that adds a new section under the product details where you can see the price history of any product. A graph will show a complete history of the product price from the day it got listed, including Amazon price, new market price and used market price.


Furthermore, if you would like to wait for the price to drop, you can set your desired price, and Keepa will notify you when the product reaches that price via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It will also notify you of great deals every day in your favorite category, or you can check out related deals on keepa.com to get recommendations.

2. Honey

Honey is your best solution for finding coupon codes and applying them automatically. Honey supports thousands of online stores and almost all stores serving USA, UK, Australia, Canada and India. Once the extension is added, you don’t have to do anything. Just check out like you normally do, and the coupon will be automatically added (if there is a coupon field).


Apart from adding coupons automatically, it can also show you all the coupons it has for a website; just click on the Honey icon in the address bar. It helped me save $12 on a $13 purchase! I only had to pay $1 for it.

3. Avast SafePrice

Okay, this one is just amazing when it comes to finding the best deals (and safe deals as well). Avast SafePrice comes from the reputable antivirus software creators Avast, so you should expect quality and a little focus on “safe” online shopping. It finds the best deals on multiple websites and offers you the lowest prices from one of the most reputable dealers. I have tried it on multiple websites including Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Groupon, etc., and clicked on random items. Eighty percent of the time it managed to find me a better price while saving at least more than thirty percent.


If it finds any lower prices it shows it on the top of the website you are browsing. You can click on the lowest offer to go directly to the page and also see a list of all the lower prices. It will not recommend anything if it doesn’t find any better prices. For me, it took approximately three seconds to show the better deal after the page loaded. Furthermore, it will also find and add coupons automatically if available.

4. craigslist pop for power users

If you like exploring Craigslist for shopping, then you must be tired of clicking on each ad to view its details. This is where craigslist pop for power users will let you quickly see the complete details of an ad just by hovering your mouse cursor over it. When you hover your mouse cursor over an ad, you will see a scrollable panel on the right showing all the pictures and text of the ad.


This little addition can save you a lot of time that you would have wasted while clicking on each ad and then pressing the Back button. Each preview took less than a second to load for me (your mileage may vary).


The above mentioned extensions should help you save money and/or time while shopping online. I personally use Honey, and I will be keeping Avast SafePrice with me for future purchases. All of the above extensions serve a different purpose, so using them altogether could be a good option. Which of these extensions do you like? Let us know in the comments.

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