5 Awesome Chrome Extensions to Fully Customize Your Facebook Account

If you are a Facebook addict, then you will always be looking to get more from Facebook. If so, there are many third-party extensions that can add great new features and help you customize Facebook according to your needs.

In this article we will list five Chrome extensions that will let you customize your Facebook account and make it a better place for you.

1. Flatbook

If you are tired of Facebook’s design, then you should definitely give Flatbook a try. Flatbook is a simple extension that overhauls Facebook’s design and makes it very attractive and clear. It removes all the ads, changes the font, makes content easier to read, gets rid of distractive recommendations, sorts the news feed by categories and completely changes the left sidebar and adds useful shortcuts there.


Flatbook does all this automatically without any manual intervention from your side. Thus, it is perfect for novice users who are looking to customize Facebook.

2. Facebook Demetricator

Facebook is known to make people feel bad as they compare themselves with other users. For example, you may change your profile picture and get twelve likes and two comments, but then you see your friend’s new profile picture that has over one-hundred likes and dozens of comments; this may make you feel sad as you may think you are not popular (or social) enough. All this data is usually based on numeric metrics that you can compare. Facebook Demetricator removes all these metrics to make Facebook a place for sharing content and engaging without any way to compare yourself with others.


The removed content includes total likes, comments, friends, shares, messages and other metrics.

3. Social Fixer

This is your all-in-one tool to fix little nuisances of Facebook and add features you always wanted. Social Fixer lets you do dozens of things that you may have never thought of, including searching the news feed with keywords, filtering posts, seeing the full picture just by hovering your mouse over it, playing animated GIFs, increasing font size, automatically opening more stories in the news feed, removing hashtags, adding shortcuts and much more.


Another cool feature of Social Fixer is the ability to temporary hide all the identifiable data – like your name or your friends name – so you can easily take a screenshot of the page and share, which is perfect for a writer like me. Other than that, it also comes with customized themes to change the look of Facebook.

4. Rather

True to its name, Rather lets you replace a post about something annoying with something you actually like. For example if you are tired of seeing Pokemon Go everywhere in the news feed, then you can tell Rather to remove all the posts containing the words “Pokemon Go” and replace them with posts you are interested in, like posts from Make Tech Easier.


Of course the replacing feature is optional; you can always hide the posts as well.

5. Friends Feed

This extension has completely changed my life by removing the biggest annoyance of Facebook. In your news feed Facebook also shows you posts that your friends may have liked or shared with someone else. In most cases they are of no interest to you. Friends Feed gets rid of all such third-party connected posts and makes your news feed filled with posts that are actually posted by your friends and with pages that you have personally liked.


Is Your Facebook Better Now?

As an avid Facebook user, you should definitely customize your Facebook to your liking. The above extensions will make it much easier to use Facebook and get more from it. Friends Feed is my favorite Chrome extensions for Facebook, which one do you like?

Karrar Haider

Karrar is drenched in technology and always fiddles with new tech opportunities. He has a bad habit of calling technology “Killer”, and doesn't feel bad about spending too much time in front of the PC. If he is not writing about technology, you will find him spending quality time with his little family.

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