Choetech Qi Wireless Charging Pad Review

Choetech Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Qi wireless charging is great if you have a device that supports it. Even if your device doesn’t support it natively, you can always get a Qi wireless charging receiver to add the functionality to your device. It’s more money out of your pocket for the receiver but well worth it so that you can take advantage of the many Qi wireless chargers out there (and many more popping up regularly).

Speaking of which, today we’ll be taking a look at an easy-to-use Qi wireless charging pad from Choetech. Similar to one that we reviewed in October, this charging pad is compact and a rounded square shape. It does support fast charging for a select two devices which you’ll learn about below. Let’s take a closer look.

What’s in the Box

Along with this Qi wireless charging pad, you get a micro-USB cable and a small manual. There’s also supposed to be a “quick charge 2.0 adapter” (according to the manual), but I did not see that in the box.


To reiterate, if you have a device that does not support Qi wireless charging, you’ll need to get your own receiver (which is what I have to use) so that you can use the charging pad.

Setup and Usage


The Choetech wireless charging pad needs to be connected to the micro-USB cable in order to work. So, you’ll either need a 1.5A or 2A USB adapter (to connect the micro-USB cable) or an available USB port on your laptop, a USB hub, a USB charging station, etc.

When you first plug it in, the LED indicator on the front will flash three times and remain on for five seconds, letting you know that it’s connected and working.


You’ll want to be sure that the pad is on a flat, sturdy surface since you need to have your device laying flat to charge. There are rubber feet on the bottom of the charging pad to keep it from slipping or moving around.


It’s also suggested that you remove your case (if you have one) before using the charging pad – especially if it’s a thicker case. You want to be sure that the distance of the transmitter coil and receiver coil do not exceed 5mm, or else it will slow down the charging speed or even lead to overheating.


When you put your device on the charging pad, the LED indicator will remain on; it will either be green or blue. The LED will turn green when fast charging or blue when standard charging.

For fast charging, you will need to have a Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge+; they’ll get fully charged (from 0%) in about 2 hours using this charging pad. Yes, there are other devices that support fast charging; unfortunately, with this charger, those are the only two devices that will actually charge at a fast speed.

There are a few LED signals you’ll want to familiarize yourself with when using this charging pad:

  • Blue LED flashing quickly: power connected.
  • Solid blue or green LED: charging mode.
  • Blue LED becomes dark: change in ambient light.
  • Blue LED turns off: charging completed or in standby.

Some devices, for sure, will need a wireless receiver case or card to be used with this charging pad. Those devices are Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3/4, Samsung S3/S4/S5, iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C/6/6 Plus, Nokia 720/820/925, LG G3/G4. Other basic and older devices are also sure to need a receiver.

Final Thoughts

This is a very simple and functional charging pad that works great and doesn’t take up too much space on your desk or a table. The charging pad does get a little warm when in use for awhile, but this is normal; it doesn’t get extremely hot or overheat.


Charging times will vary based on your device, but my basic Kyocera Android smartphone usually only takes 60 to 90 minutes to charge up from around 20 to 30% (I don’t usually let my battery fall below that).

I don’t see a huge advantage to using a charging pad over a micro-USB cable besides convenience. The charging pad itself still needs to be plugged in, but the phone isn’t restricted by a cable (unless you’re using a Qi wireless charging receiver, and even those are less restrictive). It’s just much easier to put your device down on a charging pad rather than having to find a cable to plug it in.

Choetech Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Charnita Fance
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