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The fastest way to check the weather is on Google search itself. With a flick of a finger, you receive an hour-by-hour summary of temperature, precipitation, and humidity for any location worldwide. However, if you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11, you might want to use one of these applications to check the weather on your desktop, as they provide more detailed information than Google.

1. MSN Weather

MSN Weather, the default weather app on Windows 10 and 11 comes bundled with the operating system and is updated with each version. You can access it directly from the Start menu.

Windows Weather Apps Default Start Menu

Enter any location on the search menu to get tons of weather-related information. This includes accurate, insightful details such as temperature, wind speed, visibility, barometric pressure, humidity, and “feels like” trends.

Windows Weather Apps Windows11 Default Weather App Readings

The detailed summaries stretch into hour-by-hour updates, historical precipitation trends, thunderstorm predictions, ultraviolet index, moonrise and moonset times, and moon phases. It gets even better with satellite reports, radar forecasts, and cloud-cover summaries.

Windows Weather Apps Windows11 Default Weather App Sunrise Moonrise

Historical weather patterns, number of snow days, and rainfall trends are among the app’s other available features. Since Microsoft’s built-in weather app is absolutely free to use, it is highly recommended and is also one of its finest desktop tools.

2. The Weather 14 Days

Close on the heels of MSN Weather, The Weather 14 Days is completely free to use and comes with the most advanced features. No matter which part of the world you’re in, the app guarantees an accurate weather forecast by US National Weather Service and other accredited weather agencies.

Windows Weather Apps Theweather14days Details

From the dashboard you get a simple summary of the daily temperature, precipitation, humidity, cloudiness, dew point, and more. As the app name suggests, the detailed reports stretch for at least 14 days.

With maps, satellites, and radars, this app gives the most informative weather breakdown on impending rain and snow conditions. Any app that can provide this level of accuracy is the perfect assistant to predict both drizzles and downpours.

Windows Weather Apps Theweather14days Maps Rain And Snow

3. SimpleWeather

If you’re in the US, SimpleWeather is one of the most reliable weather apps that you can use. It accumulates current weather data from US National Weather Service to give you an hour-by-hour summary of everything you need to know about your present location.

Windows Weather Apps Simpleweather Homescreen

“Severe weather” alerts are a key feature of this app, and are depicted on radar maps that you can pan and zoom easily. Thanks to a simple user interface, you will know which parts of a geographical area are affected by extreme weather. The only drawback of this app is that its free features are limited to the United States alone.

Windows Weather Apps Simpleweather Radar Readings

4. MyRadar

If you’re looking for a free weather app for Windows PC, don’t miss out on MyRadar. It provides a crowdsourced summary of the latest weather using OpenStreetMaps. Sophisticated radar maps are its most prized feature, giving a peek into the weather conditions at various worldwide locations at a close, granular level.

Windows Weather Apps Myradar Homescreen

MyRadar’s best free features comprise different layers such as temperature maps, lightning, winds, hurricanes and storms, Air Quality Index (AQI), and even power outages in a given location.

Windows Weather Apps Myradar Layers

5. Weather Satellite Images

Nothing beats actual visuals of your location’s latest weather from near-Earth orbit. Weather Satellite Images is a brilliant free app that gives detailed visuals of what it’s like from up above the sky. There are many photo depictions of clouds, sunspots, auroras, and hurricane/storm conditions.

Windows Weather Apps Weather Satellite Images Macro View Windows11

An app like Weather Satellite Images is extremely useful for seafarers and long-distance flyers. Just like a seasoned meteorologist, you will know everything there is about impending weather disturbances. The app’s satellite imagery depicts all regions of Earth with clarity and visual depth.

Windows Weather Apps Weather Satellite Images Hurricanes Disturbances

6. My Weather Forecast

While it’s dandy to know complex weather information, many users prefer their readings to be simple and precise. A free app called My Weather Forecast is perfect to deliver such a reading. You only need to enter your location anywhere in the world, and the app automatically serves you the most vital readings.

Windows Weather Apps Myweatherforecast Weekly Summary

For any location, you get the temperature at hourly or 3-hour intervals, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, and whether it’s going to be a clear sky. This app is very useful for commuters and tourists as it is equipped with a full-fledged map.

Windows Weather Apps Myweatherforecast Maps 1

7. Storm by StormGeo

Storm by StormGeo is a news and weather app which provides fresh forecasts for over 8 million locations worldwide. The user interface is Windows friendly since it supports the native tiled layout. From a simple home page, you get access to full weather maps comprising radar, precipitation, temperature, and much more.

Windows Weather Apps Storm Stormgeo Overview

Whether it’s the thickness of cloud cover or an hour-by-hour summary of storm intensity, the Storm app gives an accurate picture of how the weather conditions in your region will evolve with time.

Windows Weather Apps Storm Stormgeo Cloud Cover

8. Weather Radar Pro

If you’re a meteorologist or someone who knows the meaning of terms like “tornadic vortex signature” or “mesocyclone,” you should go for a radar app like Weather Radar Pro, which is available for download at Microsoft Store for only $2.49.

Windows Weather Apps Weatherradarpro Home

You can find out everything from storm attributes to the size of hail and satellite imagery of up-to-date weather patterns. This app is highly rated for its ability to predict storms and hurricanes, which means if rogue weather strikes, you will be the first one to know and can save lives.

Europe Weather Radar

The only limitation of this radar data app is that it is limited to the U.S., Europe, and the Caribbean.

9. Forecast

If you want to change the default Windows weather app, you might want to go with Forecast which looks very similar. Available for only $1.49 at Microsoft Store, the app offers more meticulous graphs capturing the mood of the weather gods on the go.

Windows Weather Apps Windows10 Forecast App Predictions 2

Not only do you get a few more insights compared to the default Windows app, there are also more themes to choose from. Just because the weather is gloomy outside does not mean that your desktop theme should reflect it.

Forecast App Temperature Predictions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I display the weather on my Windows desktop?

In Windows, it’s very easy to display the weather on your desktop using the Weather widget. For this, right-click on the taskbar, and select “News and Interests.” After that, select “Show Icons and Text” which will bring the Weather widget to the fore. For detailed instructions, check out our guide to Windows widgets.

How do I change the weather app widget in Windows?

MSN Weather is the default weather app widget in Windows. To install a different widget, go to “Manage Interests” from the taksbar’s “gear” icon. Install a different weather app from Microsoft Store. It can be easily added in the “Discover Interests” section.

Are weather apps accurate?

Yes. Quite so. Getting accurate weather insights was usually the preserve of the experts. However, armed with some of these modern apps and their latest features such as radar maps, you can get close to being an expert yourself.

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