How to Check the IMEI Number on Your Phone

The IMEI number on your phone (a merciful acronym for “International Mobile station Equipment Identity” number) is one of the most important pieces of information contained on your device. Thanks to this, mobile networks can blacklist your phone if it’s been stolen, rendering it useless for the thief. It’s crucial to have this number for insurance purposes, and you may also need it in all kinds of situations when you’re contacting your mobile network.

There are all kinds of ways that you can check your IMEI number, and we’re going to talk you through all the most popular methods. Note that if you have a dual-SIM phone, you may have more than one IMEI number, and if you can’t find your IMEI anywhere on your phone, then there’s a chance your phone may be counterfeit. If you want to find out more about IMEI numbers, what they are and how they work, check out our article about it.

The fastest method of checking the IMEI number on your phone is to open your keypad and type *#06#. Your IMEI number should pop up on your screen instantly. You won’t be able to copy and paste the number unfortunately, so you’ll need to write it down separately to keep hold of it.

Alternatively, or if the last method doesn’t work for whatever reason, you can go to “Settings -> About Phone -> Status -> IMEI Information.”


If you’re a bit of a hoarder, then prepare to feel vindicated for holding onto that box your smartphone came in! The IMEI number of a new phone is usually written on the box, possibly on a sticker with the barcode on it.

A little more fiddly, but if none of the above methods work, then you may be able to find your IMEI number on your SIM card tray or, if your phone has a removable cover, under the phone battery.

So now that you have your IMEI, you want to do something with it, right? There are plenty of sites where you can enter your phone’s IMEI number – such as – and in return you’ll get a list of exact specifications and information about your device. Another site,, lets you use your IMEI number to check whether your phone has been blacklisted/reported as lost or stolen. It’s always good to do if you’re buying a phone secondhand.


Your IMEI number is extremely important, so once you find it, write it down and keep it in a safe place (I use OneNote for this sort of stuff). If you lose your phone or have it stolen and don’t have the IMEI for it, then you might not be able to get your phone blacklisted, at which point the thieves have won.

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