How to Check Whether Your Android Phone Is Rooted

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Whether you’ve bought a supposedly rooted phone or want to double-check if your rooting procedure was a success, a root-checking tool is useful to have. Just boot it up and check your phone to see whether it’s properly rooted.

One of the best apps to do this with is the aptly-named Root Checker Basic, which automatically lets you know whether your system has root. Here’s how to get and use Root Checker Basic, as well as what upgrading to the premium version provides.

How to Use Root Checker Basic

To use the app, download it from the Google App store¬†and then boot it up. You’ll see a disclaimer pop up asking you for permission to do its work.

Root Checker Disclaimer

Once you’ve given the app its permissions and gone through the brief tutorial, you’ll arrive at the main page. From here, it’s as simple as tapping “Verify Root” on the main screen. The app will now tell you whether you’re rooted. Easy!

Root Checker Verify

Using the Other Features of Root Checker Basic

To stop there, however, would be glossing over the other features this app has. For example, if you scroll down after the initial scan, you’ll see statistics about how hard it is to root your model of phone.

Root Checker Verify

Want more info? Scroll along the top bar until you see “Rankings” and tap it. This gives you more information of how easy it is to root your phone, as well as which models are the easiest to crack open.

If you go to “Root Basics,” you’ll find some helpful tips regarding why people root their phones and how it’s done. This is particularly useful if you’ve bought a secondhand phone and discovered it’s rooted without fully knowing what that means!

What About the Premium Options?

We’ve successfully detected whether our phone is rooted; our job is basically done. Why bother paying more for the advertised additional features when you have everything you wanted for free?

The “Advanced Root Checker” option unlocks the root account and superuser app statuses. This will give you a little more insight into your phone, which goes beyond simply telling you whether your phone is rooted. It also gives you more info on the Rankings page as to why each phone is ranked as it is.

The BusyBox checker looks for any applications compatible with BusyBox. If you don’t know what that means, you can safely skip this feature! If you do know what it means, it’s a nice option for keeping track of things.

Finally, there is an option to remove the ads. This is useful if you find yourself digging into your root settings often.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

If you’re rooting your phone, or you bought one already rooted, you may want to check whether everything is working properly. With Root Checker Basic, you can quickly and easily check whether your phone is rooted. If that doesn’t satiate your needs, you can grab the premium version and get even more info!

What’s the best part about owning a rooted phone? Let us know below.

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