How to Check the Download and Upload Speed Of Your Internet Connection

Do you download a lot of movies, software programs, mp3’s and other stuff from the internet? Do you feel very frustrated when the download speed of your internet connection goes down? Do you doubt whether or not your ISP is providing you the optimum download or upload speed for the money you are paying every month ?

In such situations, it would be wise to perform an internet speed check on your computer and see whether you are getting the correct upload and download speeds from your Internet service provider. You can also compare your internet speed with other users across the globe and see whether your current ISP is at par with other ISP’s across the world.

There are lots of desktop tools as well as web based applications available for performing an internet speed check. One of my favorite sites to check internet speed is

Note: This article discusses how you can measure the upload and download speed of your internet connection. If your internet connection is very slow, we highly recommend switching to Google public DNS server and speed up your internet connection.

Checking Your Internet Upload / Download Speed

To start the speed checks, head over to, the site will automatically detect your current geographical location and represent it in a world map, as shown below:

Check Your Internet Upload Download Speed

You will be shown your IP address and the name of your Internet service provider at the left bottom corner of the page. This is useful, when you are browsing the web on a public computer or a Wi-Fi network connection and want to know the service provider of the network to which you are currently connected.

Hit the “Begin Test” button to start the test. The website will download a sample file to your computer’s temporary folder to check the average download speed of your internet connection. When the tests are complete, you will be shown the results:

Check Internet Upload Download Speed With

As you can see, the current download speed of my Internet connection is only 0.62 Mb/second. While the upload speed is shockingly low – 0.12 Mb/second. It would take 1 minute to download an MP3 file ( ~5MB) while a video file (~35 MB) would take 8 minutes to download. also has an iPhone app, hence you can use it to check the speed of your wireless internet connection as well.

A good idea to complete your internet speed test checks is to choose multiple speed checking websites and see whether you get the same results or not. Another good resource is – pretty much all the same functions with a different interface. I performed the same checks and here are the results:

Check Interent Speed Using

According to the upload speed of my Internet connection is 190 KBPS which equals to 0.18 MBPS. This is close to’s results which turned out to be 0.12 MBPS.

The download speed came out to be 481 KBPS which equals 0.46 MBPS. This is again similar to’s results which turned out to be 0.6 MBPS. The added advantage of is that the site also tells you the number of simultaneous connections your computer is allowed to make, in my case, it’s 320. – Take The Ping Test is a free broadband quality analyzer designed to complement This troubleshooting tool grades your connection on how well it is likely to handle things like voice services (VoIP), streaming music or video, telecommuting or online gaming. The site checks how much time it is required by your internet connection to send a packet of data from your computer to a remote computer and then send the same data packet back to your computer.

Head over to, hit the “Start test” button and wait for a few minutes till the site checks the “Ping” and “Jitter” speed, as shown below:

Calculate Ping And Jitter Time

My internet connection’s “Ping” test came out to be 394 ms while the “Jitter” test came out to be 26ms. You will also see the average grade level of your internet connection (mine came out to be “D”) and the amount of average packet loss data.

Test the speed of Ping Quality Level

Your Internet speed test results are automatically archived at the results page, you can grab the link or embed code and add the speed test result to your own website or blog.

Have you checked your Internet connection speed? Which tool or website do you use for the same ? Drop your ideas in the comments below.


  1. Speedtest is a great tool to check the speed of your internet connection. What I tend to find is that the first result may not necessary be very accurate and you should let run more than once just to get an average. Also, for those of you who are using Iphone and wish to check your internet connection, you can also do so from here.

  2. I don’t trust the results from, the figures are not always correct.
    The most accurate way to measure your internet connection is to download a big file from an FTP site near you and you will see how fast your download speed is.

  3. @MKE: Agree that the figures aren’t correct all the time but you can’t judge the speed by downloding a big file from FTP. This is because the host server may face downtimes or other server issues, which has nothing to do with the speed of your ISP

  4. @Soumen: This is true that it can face downtimes and outtake whatsoever then you could try it later – i.e. I have a FTP site hosted from my ISP, this site is online 24/7. You can choose to download a 500 mb file or even bigger. It’s pretty painless to start a download and see how your download is performing. In addition I also use DU Meter to check the speed but again, that’s my way to “verify” the speed.

  5. According to me is a good tool to check your internet speed. It will show your both download and upload speed..

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