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Wrike Keyboard Shortcuts Featured

Wrike is a popular and incredibly useful team management software. It helps teams share files, collaborate, manage tasks, and much more. If you’re using it regularly, you can increase productivity by learning a few Wrike keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation.

Some of the most commonly used shortcuts help you navigate between tasks. Of course, there are keyboard shortcuts available for creating new tasks and exploring Gantt charts. The good news is there’s actually a Wrike keyboard shortcut specifically for showing your shortcuts, so don’t worry if you can’t remember them right away. Just remember one and you’re all set.

List View Navigation
Up arrow or KUp arrow or KUp arrow or KSelect the previous task
Down arrow or JDown arrow or JDown arrow or JJump to next task
Left arrowLeft arrowLeft arrowCollapses a task’s subtasks
Right arrowRight arrowRight arrowExpands a task’s subtasks
Alt + Shift + CAlt + Shift + CCommand + Shift + CJumps to comment section in List View
Alt + Shift + DAlt + Shift + DCmd + Shift + DOpens the Folder picker
Managing Tasks
Alt + Shift + NAlt + Shift + Nn/aCreates a new task
Alt + Shift + SAlt + Shift + SCmd + Shift + SPlaces cursor in search box
Alt + Shift + FAlt + Shift + FCmd + Shift + FOpens or exits fullscreen mode for a task
Alt + Shift + OAlt + Shift + OCmd + Shift + OOpens current task in new tab (only works in List View)
Alt + Shift + EnterAlt + Shift + EnterCmd + Shift + EnterChanges task status between active and completed
Alt + Shift + ,Alt + Shift + ,Cmd + Shift + ,Opens box to assign someone to a task
Alt + Shift + .Alt + Shift + .Cmd + Shift + .Assign or unassign a task to yourself
Using Comments
Enter or Ctrl + EnterEnter or Ctrl + EnterEnter or Ctrl + EnterPosts a comment (You must first place your cursor in the comment section and type your comment) – Shortcut varies based on individual settings in your profile
Ctrl + BCtrl + BCmd + BBolds selected text in a comment
Ctrl + ICtrl + ICmd + IItalicizes selected text in a comment
Shift + EnterShift + EnterShift + EnterInserts a line break in your comment
Shift + Ctrl + XShift + Ctrl + XShift + Cmd + XAdds strike-through to comment
Shift + Ctrl + CShift + Ctrl + CShift + Cmd + CTurns selected text into code
Shift + Alt + Ctrl + CShift + Alt + Ctrl + CShift + Opt + Cmd + CCreates a code block in your comment
Ctrl + Shift + NCtrl + Shift + NCmd + Shift + NOpens a new incognito browser window
Ctrl + Shift + PCtrl + Shift + PCmd + Shift + POpens a new incognito browser window in Firefox
Alt + Shift + ?Alt + Shift + ?Cmd + Shift + ?Opens list of available keyboard shortcuts
Gannt Chart Shortcuts
tttToday’s date
yyyYesterday’s date
tomtomtomTomorrow’s date
Numbers 1-31Numbers 1-31Numbers 1-31Day of the month
Ctrl + ]Ctrl + ]Cmd + ]Turns a main task into a subtask
Ctrl + [Ctrl + [Cmd + [Turns subtask into a main task
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