VLC Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Vlc Keyboard Shortcuts

VLC is the ultimate open source media player. It will play any video format you throw at it, and it’s widely available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. If you use VLC a lot and are interested in becoming more proficient with the tool, you should check out these VLC keyboard shortcuts.

One of the great things about VLC is that most of the keyboard shortcuts are single keys. There may be some that are a combo, but many of the most critical ones are just one key. If you ever forget these, you can find them in the “Hotkeys” section of your preferences menu in VLC.

FunctionmacOSWindows / Linux
FullscreenCmd +ff
Exit fullscreenEscEsc
Pause onlyNot set by defaultMedia pause
Play onlyNot set by defaultMedia play
FasterCmd + =+
SlowerCmd + –
Normal rateNot set by default=
Faster (fineNot set by default]
Slower (fine)Not set by default[
NextCmd + ->n
PreviousCmd + <-p
Very short backwards jumpCmd + Ctrl + <-Shift + <-
Very short forward jumpCmd + Ctrl + ->Shift + ->
Short backwards jumpCmd + Opt + <-Alt + <-
Short forward jumpCmd + Opt + ->Alt + ->
Medium backwards jumpCmd + Shift + <-Ctrl + <-
Medium forward jumpCmd + Shift + ->Ctrl + ->
Long backwards jumpCmd + Shift + Opt + <-Ctrl + Alt + <-
Long forward jumpCmd + Shift + Opt + ->Ctrl + Alt + ->
Next frameee
Navigate upUpUp
Navigate downDownDown
Navigate left<-<-
Navigate right->->
Go to DVD menuCtrl + mShift + m
Select previous DVD titleCtrl + pShift + o
Select next DVD titleCtrl + nShift + b
Select previous DVD chapterCtrl + uShift + p
Select next DVD chapterCtrl + dShift + n
QuitCmd + qCtrl + q
Volume upCmd + UpCtrl + Up
Volume downCmd + DownCtrl + Down
MuteCmd + Opt + Downm
Subtitle delay upjh
Subtitle delay downhg
Subtitle sync/bookmark audio timestampShift + hShift + h
Subtitle sync/bookmark subtitle timestampShift + jShift + j
Subtitle sync/synchronize audio & subtitle timestampsShift + kShift + k
Subtitle sync/reset audio & subtitle synchronizationCmd + Shift + kCtrl + Shift + k
Audio delay upgk
Audio delay downfj
Cycle audio tracklb
Cycle through audio devicesShift + aShift + a
Cycle subtitle track in reverse orderOpt + sAlt + v
Cycle subtitle track sv
Toggle subtitlesShift + sShift + v
Cycle next program Service IDxxx
Cycle previous program Service IDShift + xShift + x
Cycle source aspect ratioaa
Cycle video cropcc
Toggle autoscalingoo
Increase scale factorOpt + oAlt + o
Decrease scale factorOpt + Shift + oAlt + Shift + o
Toggle deinterlacingdd
Cycle deinterlace modesShift + dShift + d
Show controller in fullscreenii
Context menuMenuMenu
Take video snapshotCmd + Opt + sShift + s
RecordCmd + Shift + rShift + r
Un-zoomShift + zShift + z
Toggle Wallpaper mode in video outputNot set by defaultw
Crop one pixel from the top of the videoOpt + iAlt + r
Uncrop one pixel from the top of the videoOpt + Shift + iAlt + Shift + r
Crop one pixel from the left of the videoOpt + jAlt + d
Uncrop one pixel from the left of the videoOpt + Shift + jAlt + Shift + d
Crop one pixel from the bottom of the videoOpt + kAlt + c
Uncrop one pixel from the bottom of the videoOpt + Shift + kAlt + Shift + c
Crop one pixel from the right of the videoOpt + lAlt + f
Uncrop one pixel from the right of the videoOpt + Shift + lAlt + Shift + f
RandomCmd + zr
Normal/Loop/RepeatShift + ll
Shrink the viewpoint field of view (360)Not set by defaultPage Up
Expand the viewpoint field of view (360)Not set by defaultPage Down
1:4 quarterNot set by defaultAlt + 1
1:2 halfCmd + 0Alt + 2
1:1 originalCmd + 1Alt + 3
2:1 doubleCmd + 2Alt + 4
Set playlist bookmark 1Cmd + F1Ctrl + F1
Set playlist bookmark 2Cmd + F2Ctrl + F2
Set playlist bookmark 3Cmd + F3Ctrl + F3
Set playlist bookmark 4Cmd + F4Ctrl + F4
Set playlist bookmark 5Cmd + F5Ctrl + F5
Set playlist bookmark 6Cmd + F6Ctrl + F6
Set playlist bookmark 7Cmd + F7Ctrl + F7
Set playlist bookmark 8Cmd + F8Ctrl + F8
Set playlist bookmark 9Not set by defaultCtrl + F9
Set playlist bookmark 10Not set by defaultCtrl + F10
Play playlist bookmark 1F1F1
Play playlist bookmark 2F2F2
Play playlist bookmark 3F3F3
Play playlist bookmark 4F4F4
Play playlist bookmark 5F5F5
Play playlist bookmark 6F6F6
Play playlist bookmark 7F7F7
Play playlist bookmark 8F8F8
Play playlist bookmark 9Not set by defaultF9
Play playlist bookmark 10Not set by defaultF10
Clear the playlistNot set by defaultCtrl + w
Reset subtitles text scaleCmd + 0Ctrl + 0
Scale down subtitles textCmd + Scroll upCtrl + Scroll up
Scale up subtitles textCmd + Scroll downCtrl + Scroll down

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