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Twitch is a live streaming service that primarily serves the gaming community. It’s a well-known platform for eSports competition organizers, eSports professionals, content creators, and casual gamers who like sharing their gaming sessions with an audience. Similar services are YouTube Gaming and Facebook Live.

However, Twitch isn’t only for gamers. The service also houses non-gaming content creators such as Kitboga, The8BitDrummer, and other content creators from different non-gaming categories.

How to Use Twitch Keyboard Shortcuts

As a content creator on Twitch, there are no set Twitch keyboard shortcuts you can use. This is because broadcasting software such as OBS Studio has integrated the basic needs of a Twitch streamer into its user interface, so you won’t be clicking much or pressing buttons on Twitch when you’re streaming.

For content viewers, however, there are several Twitch keyboard shortcuts that are ready to be used. If you frequent your favorite Twitch streamer’s content, you should know how to pause, play, rewind, and clip moments with quick keystrokes for a smooth viewing experience.

Here are the essential Twitch keyboard shortcuts for watching videos, live broadcasts, and saving clip-worthy moments.

Clip or
Video Hotkeys
Space/KSpace/KPauses/plays a clip or live broadcast.
FFToggles and exits the full-screen view.
Left ArrowLeft ArrowRewinds the broadcast by 10 seconds. Every keystroke adds 10 seconds.
Right ArrowRight ArrowFast forwards the broadcast. Every keystroke adds 10 seconds.
Alt + KOption + KSaves a clip of the last 5 to 60 seconds of a video.
MMMutes the clip or video.
Live Broadcast Hotkeys
Space/KSpace/KPauses and plays the live broadcast.
MMMutes the live broadcast.
Alt + XOption + XSaves a clip of the last 5 to 60 seconds of a live broadcast.
Alt + ROption + RToggles chat side panel.
Alt + TOption + TToggles and exits the theater mode.
FFToggles and exits the full-screen view.
??Toggles overlay with keyboard shortcuts

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