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Productivity is a hot topic of conversation. As such, choosing the right tool for the job is crucial. Todoist is a popular and robust app that lets you create simple shopping lists or more complex projects – including professional ones.

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Unfortunately, setting up these lists with your mouse can be time-consuming and cumbersome. That’s why many people prefer to learn these Todoist keyboard shortcuts instead: so they can save time and energy.

QQQuick add.
/ or F/ or FSearch.
MMShow/Hide navigation menu.
??Show keyboard shortcuts.
Ctrl + KCmnd + KOpen command menu.
Ctrl + PCmnd + PPrint current view.
Ctrl + Shift + Equal (=)Cmnd + Shift + Equal (=)Zoom in.
Ctrl + Minus (-)Cmnd + Minus (-)Zoom out.
Win + Alt + SCmnd + Ctrl + TShow/hide Todoist.
Win + Alt + QCmnd + Ctrl + AOpen Quick Add.
Quick Add
P1, P2, P3, P4P1, P2, P3, P4Set priority level.
##Pick a project.
//Pick a section.
++Add an assignee.
@@Add a label.
Shift + GShift + GOpen a task in its project.
O, then PO, then POpen Productivity.
O, then HO, then HOpen Help & Information.
O, then NO, then NOpen Notifications.
O, then UO, then UOpen Profile Photo menu.
or Up arrow
or Up arrow
Move up the screen.
or Down arrow
or Down arrow
Move down the screen.
Right arrowRight arrowMove focus to the right.
Left arrowLeft arrowMove focus to the left.
HHGo to Home.
G, then IG, then IGo to Inbox.
G, then Shift + IG, then Shift + IGo to Team Inbox.
G, then TG, then TGo to Today.
G, then UG, then UGo to Upcoming.
G, then LG, then LGo to Labels.
G, then PG, then PGo to Projects.
G, then /G, then /Go to Section.
O, then SO, then SGo to Settings.
O, then TO, then TGo to Theme.
G, then AG, then AGo to Activity Log.
G, then VG, then VOpen Filters & Labels.
Add Tasks
AAAdd new task to bottom of list.
Shift + AShift + AAdd new task to top of list.
EnterReturnSave a newly created task and create a new one below.
Shift + EnterShift + ReturnSave changes to an existing task and create a new task below.
Ctrl + EnterCtrl + EnterSave a new task or save changes to an existing one and create a new task above.
Edit Tasks
EEComplete focus task.
Shift + Click CheckboxShift + Click CheckboxComplete and archive recurring task.
EnterReturnOpen Task View.
Ctrl + ECmnd + EEdit task.
Ctrl + EnterCmnd + ReturnSave edits.
TTSet due date.
Shift + TShift + TRemove due date.
1, 2, 3, 41, 2, 3, 4Set priority levels.
YYChange priority level.
LLAdd label.
Shift + RShift + RReassign task.
VVMove to.
Period (.)Period (.)Move task action.
XXSelect focused task.
Ctrl + ClickCmnd + ClickSelect multiple tasks.
Comma (,)Comma (,)Move focus to multi-select toolbar.
Shift + DeleteCmnd + DeleteDelete selected task(s).
Shift + CtrlShift + CmndCopy link to task.
Ctrl + Up arrowCmnd + Up arrowMove to the task above the task currently being edited.
Ctrl + Down arrowCmnd + Down arrowMove to the task below the task currently being edited.
Ctrl + ]Cmnd + ]Increase indent of focused task.
Ctrl + [Cmnd Decrease indent of focused task
Shift + EShift + ESee or hide sub-tasks.
Tasks Within Projects
Shift + VShift + VChange to list/board view.
SSAdd a section.
Shift + SShift + SShare a project.
DDSort by due date.
PPSort by priority.
NNSort alphabetically.
RRSort by assignee.
WWOpen more project actions.

Image credit: Pexels. Alterations by Megan Glosson.

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