The Ultimate Todoist Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

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Productivity is a hot topic of conversation. As such, choosing the right tool for the job is crucial. Todoist is a popular and robust app that we’ve talked about here. It’s great for simple shopping lists, or more complex projects – including managing professional ones.

Here we’ll give you a helping hand to harness all of Todoist’s functionality. Over the following few minutes, we’ll provide all of the dedicated keyboard shortcuts found in Todoist, so you’ll know how to get around.

The Ultimate Todoist Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Below, we’ll introduce the Todoist keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet. It’s split into sections based on the screen you’re in and the actions you’d like to undertake. As such, feel free to jump around to the section that makes the most sense for you.

Also, note that we’re using “N/A” where there is no shortcut for the particular Operating System (OS). Where shortcuts are the same between OS’, we’ll only list it under the Windows column.

Global Shortcuts (Not supported under Windows)
Show or hide TodoistN/ACtrl + Cmd + T
Open task Quick AddN/ACtrl + Cmd + A
Quick Add
Add a label@
Pick a project#
Pick a section/
Add an assignee+
Set a priority levelp(number)
Save and go to commentsAlt + Enter
Open full task editorTab
Open or close menu, enter multi-select mode.m
Go to Home viewh
Select and change multiple tasks at onceShift + left-click on multiple tasksCmd + left-click or Shift + left-click on multiple tasks
Add a task (with Quick Add)q
Add a task at the bottom of the lista
Add a task at the top of the listA
Add a sections
Open searchCtrl + F/ or f
Manual syncF5
Navigate to default pageHome
Navigate to previous viewPage Up
Switch to the Board viewN/AShift + v
Adding and Editing Tasks
Edit task nameAlt + ClickOpt + Click
Cancel current changesEsc
Save a newly created task and create a new one below itEnter
Save changes to an existing task and create a new task below itN/AShift + Enter
Save a new task or save changes to an existing one and create a new task above itN/ACtrl + Enter
Move to the task above the task currently being edited (only works inside projects)N/ACmd + ↑
Move to the task below the task currently being edited (only works inside projects)N/ACmd + ↓
Creating and completing sub-tasks
Increase task indent (only works inside projects)Alt + Shift + →Cmd + →
Decrease task indent (only works inside projects)Alt + Shift + ←Cmd + ←
Sorting tasks inside a project
Sort by dated
Sort by priorityp
Sort by namen
Sort by assigneer

In Summary

Todoist is a simple app on paper, but complex under the hood. It’s a great solution for your personal to-do lists, but can also work wonders as a project management app. This list of Todoist keyboard shortcuts should get you zipping around the app in no time.

Will these Todoist keyboard shortcuts help you day-to-day? Let us know in the comments section below!

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