Plex Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Plex Keyboar Shortcut

Plex is a media management and streaming platform that’s available for free. You can simply take advantage of the shows and movies that are available online for free, or you can turn a decommissioned desktop computer into your very own Plex server since Plex is self-hostable. Furthermore, Plex is compatible with a wide variety of operating systems, so you can watch your favorite movies and television shows on your laptop, smartphone, or Smart TV.

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Whether you are an experienced Plex user or just getting started, you may find navigating the menu options exhausting, or you may want to quickly change settings without using your computer mouse. Luckily, this list of Plex keyboard shortcuts can help you better navigate Plex on any Windows, macOS, or Linux device.

G then DG then DG then DNavigate to Dashboard.
G then HG then HG then HNavigate to Home.
G then JG then JG then JNavigate to Manage Library Access.
G then SG then SG then SNavigate to Settings.
G then UG then UG then UNavigate to Plex Home.
Left ArrowLeft ArrowLeft ArrowNavigate left.
Right ArrowRight ArrowRight ArrowNavigate right.
Up ArrowUp ArrowUp ArrowNavigate up.
Down ArrowDown ArrowDown ArrowNavigate down.
Enter or SpaceEnter or SpaceEnter or SpaceSelect item.
or Backspace
or Backspace
Esc or DeleteGo back.
CCCOpen Context Menu.
HHHGo to the home screen.
PPPStart playback of the selected item.
QQQPerform the “add-to up next” action.
WWWToggle between played and unplayed status.
\\\Toggle between Window and Fullscreen mode.
Shift + A…ZShift + A…ZShift + A…ZGo to items beginning with the specific letter.
Win + Down arrowCommand + MMinimize Plex.
Shift + F11Command + Control + FEnter/Exit fullscreen mode.
Alt + F4
or Control + Q
Control + QQuit the Plex app.
///Go to Search.
Playback Shortcuts
BBBGo back.
EEEEdit metadeta.
F or \F or \F or \Toggle to fullscreen mode.
H or TabH or TabH or TabStop playback and return to the home screen.
IIIGet playback info.
MMMOpen the on-screen menu.
OOOView the progress bar.
P or SpacebarP or SpacebarP or SpacebarPause/play.
XXXStop playback.
ZZZCycle through aspect ratios and view modes.
EnterEnterEnterOpen the access menu.
Playback Control
Left arrowLeft arrowLeft arrowSeek backward 10 seconds.
Right arrowRight arrowRight arrowSeek forward 10 seconds.
Up ArrowUp ArrowUp ArrowJump forward 10 minutes.
Down arrowDown arrowDown arrowSkip back 10 minutes.
Right Arrow + PeriodRight Arrow + PeriodRight Arrow + PeriodForward 30 seconds or go to the next track.
Left Arrow + CommaLeft Arrow + CommaLeft Arrow + CommaBackward 30 seconds or go to the previous track.
Shift + Left arrowShift + Left arrowShift + Left arrowSkip to the previous item.
Shift + Right arrowShift + Right arrowShift + Right arrowSkip to the next item.
HomeHomeHomePlay the previous item in your queue.
EndEndEndPlay the next item in your queue.
Up arrowUp arrowUp arrowIncrease the volume.
Down arrowDown arrowDown arrowDecrease the volume.
AAASwitch to the next audio track.
Ctrl + ACtrl + ACommand + AReturn to the previous audio track.
Alt + AAlt + AOpt + AIncrease audio delay.
Alt + Shift + AAlt + Shift + AOpt + Shift + ADecrease audio delay.
Alt + SAlt + SOpt + SIncrease subtitle delay.
Alt + Shift + SAlt + Shift + SOpt + Shift + SDecrease subtitle delay.
SSSEnable or disable subtitles.
Ctrl + LCtrl + LCommand + LSwitch to the previous subtitle.
LLLSwitch to the next subtitles.
Ctrl + Shift + RCtrl + Shift + RCommand + Shift + RReload the Plex app.
Ctrl + Shift + DCtrl + Shift + DCommand + Shift + DShow debug information.
???View all keyboard shortcuts.

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