Plex Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Plex Keyboard Shortcuts Feature

Plex is a media management and streaming platform that’s available for you to use either as another service, taking advantage of what’s already available for free, or as a client-server media organizer and streaming system. You can run Plex clients on a huge variety of operating systems, making it a useful platform to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on your laptop, smartphone, or smart TV.

Plex is self-hostable, meaning that you can take an older decommissioned desktop PC that you have lying around and turn it into a Plex server. This is nice so that you can stream high-quality video to your devices without having to worry about having proper Internet. Any home network connection will do.

Meanwhile, check out the following Plex keyboard shortcuts to better navigate around Plex.

???Open Keyboard Shortcuts
EscEscEscClose Modal or Menu
g then hg then hg then hNavigate to Home
g then sg then sg then sNavigate to Settings
g then dg then dg then dNavigate to Dashboard
g then ug then ug then uNavigate to Users and Sharing
///Focus search
pppOpen player
wwwToggle as played/unplayed
eeeEdit metadata
iiiGet info
shift + sshift + sshift + sSave changes
spacespacespacePlay or pause
\\\Toggle fullscreen
downdowndownDecrease volume
upupupIncrease volume
, or <-, or <-, or <-Seek backward (10 secs.)
. or ->. or ->. or ->Seek forward (30 secs.)
[ or alt + <-[ or alt + <-[ or opt + <-Step backward (10 secs.)
] or alt + ->] or alt + ->] or opt + ->Step forward (10 secs.)
shift + <-shift + <-shift + <-Skip to previous item
shift + ->shift + ->shift + ->Skip to next item
xxxClose Player
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