Microsoft Words 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet


Some of us are mouse-oriented, right-click people and some of us are really good with a keyboard. This cheatsheet contains fifty of the best Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts for the Office version 2013.

Fifty Nine Great Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts


Keyboard Shortcut


BASICSCtrl+NCreate new document
Ctrl+OOpen document
Ctrl+WClose document
Ctrl+SSave document
F12Save document as
Ctrl+PPrint document/print preview
Ctrl+F6Switch between multiple Word documents
Alt, then F, ROpen Recent (file, recent)
Alt+Ctrl+PSwitch to Print Layout view
Alt+Ctrl+OSwitch to Outline view
Alt+Ctrl+NSwitch to Draft view (used to be normal view)
Ctrl+scroll mouseZoom in and zoom out
Alt then w, qOpen Zoom Menu (no native shortcut exists for zoom in/ zoom out)
Alt+Ctrl+SSplit the document window
Alt+SpaceOpen the window menu
Alt+F4Exit Word
PARAGRAPHSCtrl+1Set line-spacing to single-space
Ctrl+2Set line-spacing to double-space
Ctrl+5Set line-spacing to 1.5
Ctrl+0 (zero)Add or remove one line space preceding a paragraph
Ctrl+RRight-align paragraph
Ctrl+LLeft-align paragraph
Ctrl+ECenter-align paragraph
Ctrl+JJustify-align paragraph
Ctrl+Shift+NApply Normal style
NAVIGATEArrow Left/Arrow RightJump one character to the left / to the right
Ctrl+Arrow Left/Ctrl+Arrow RightJump one word to the left / to the right
End/HomeJump to the end of a line / beginning of a line
Arrow Down/Arrow UpJump one line down / one line up
Ctrl+Arrow Down/Arrow UpJump one paragraph down / one paragraph up
Ctrl+End/HomeJump to end / to beginning of document
Ctrl+G or F5Go to a page, bookmark, table, or other location
Alt+Ctrl+ZGo back to previously edited location in document (up to 4 places)
Shift+F5Go to the last change or revision; will work after opening document, as well
Ctrl+Shift+F5Go to, edit, and set bookmarks
FIND AND REPLACECtrl+HOpen traditional find and replace window
Ctrl+H, then Alt+DOpen traditional find window
Shift+F4Repeat last find after closing find window
Ctrl+TabJump between find menu and document
Alt+Space, Arrow keys and EnterMove find menu window
EscClose traditional active search window
SPECIAL FIELDSAlt+Shift+DInsert current Date Field
Alt+Shift+PInsert Page Number Field
Alt+Shift+tInsert current Time Field
Ctrl+F9Insert an empty field
F11/Shift+F11Go to the next field/ previous field
Ctrl+Shift+F9Unlink a field
Ctrl+F11/Ctrl+Shift+F11Lock a field / Unlock a field
MERGING MAILAlt+Shift+KMail merge preview
Alt+Shift+NMerge a document
Alt+Shift+MPrint merged document
Alt+Shift+EEdit a mail-merge document (data only)
Alt+Shift+FInsert a merge field
REVIEW DOCUMENTSF7Choose the Spelling command (Review tab).
Alt+Ctrl+MInsert a comment
Ctrl+Shift+ETurn change tracking on or off
Alt+Shift+CClose the Reviewing Pane if it is open
Ctrl+Shift+*Display nonprinting characters
Ctrl+Shift+GOpen the Word Counting dialog box
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