Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Save precious time analyzing data in Excel with this keyboard shortcut.

Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

If you ever need to perform data analysis or create charts and graphs based on specific metrics, then chances are you’ll use Microsoft Excel. Excel is an industry-leading spreadsheet software program, and it is widely used in nearly every setting because of the versatility that it offers.

However, Microsoft Excel quickly becomes a tedious tool for those who don’t use keyboard shortcuts to save them from moving the mouse around so much. Luckily, this cheat sheet will solve that problem for you so you can take advantage of shortcuts and save time the next time you sit down to analyze data in Microsoft Excel.

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Basic Navigation
Ctrl + OCommand + F12Open a workbook.
Ctrl + WCommand + WClose a workbook.
Ctrl + SCommand + SSave a workbook.
Ctrl + NCommand + NOpen new blank workbook.
Ctrl + QCommand + QQuit Excel.
Navigating The Ribbon
(Windows Only)
Alt + HGo to the Home tab.
Alt + NGo to the Insert tab.
Alt + PGo to the Page Layout tab.
Alt + AGo to the Data tab.
Alt + MGo to the Formula tab.
Alt + WGo to the View tab.
Alt (or F10)Select active tab and activate access keys.
Tab (or Shift + Tab)Move focus to commands.
Arrow keysMove though items on ribbon.
Ctrl + Shift + F10Display tooltip for current ribbon item.
Enter (or Space)Activate the selected ribbon button.
Down arrowOpen list for selected command.
Alt + Down arrowOpen menu for selected button.
Ctrl + F1Expand or collapse ribbon.
Shift + F10Open context menu.
Left arrowShift to submenu from main menu.
Ctrl + Left (or Right) arrowMove between groups of controls.
Navigating Inside Cells
Ctrl + HomeCtrl + Home
Ctrl + Fn + Left arrow
Move to beginning of worksheet.
Shift + TabMove to the previous cell.
Up arrowUp arrowMove up one cell.
Down arrowDown arrowMove down one cell.
Left arrowLeft arrowMove left one cell.
Right arrowRight arrowMove right one cell.
Ctrl + Arrow keysCommand + Arrow keysMove to edge of data region.
Ctrl + EndCtrl + End
Ctrl + Fn + Right arrow
Move to the last cell on the worksheet.
Ctrl + Shift + EndExtend selected cells to last used cell.
Ctrl + Page downOpt + Right arrowMove to the next sheet in a worksheet.
Ctrl + Page upOpt + Left arrowMove to the previous sheet in a worksheet.
Page downPage down
Fn + Down arrow
Move one screen down in the worksheet.
Alt + Page downOpt + Page down
Fn + Opt + Down arrow
Move one screen to the right in worksheet.
Alt + Page upOpt + Page up
Move one screen to the left in worksheet.
TabTabMove between unlocked cells
Ctrl + Alt + Equal signZoom in.
Ctrl + Alt + Minus signZoom out.
Formatting Cells Shortcuts
Ctrl + 1Command + 1Open Format Cells dialog box.
Ctrl + Shift + FFormat fonts in Format Cells dialog box.
Shift + F2Shift + F2Insert or open a note.
Ctrl + Shift + F2Command + Shift + F2Insert or reply to a threaded comment.
Ctrl + Shift + Plus signInsert blank cells.
Ctrl + Minus signDelete blank cells.
Ctrl + ;Ctrl + ;Enter current date.
Ctrl + :Command + ;Enter current time.
Ctrl + ‘Copy a formula from above cell to paste into selected cell.
Ctrl + LCommand + LAlign cell(s) left.
Ctrl + ECommand + EAlign cell(s) center.
Ctrl + XCommand + XCut selected cell(s).
Ctrl + CCommand + CCopy selected cell(s).
Ctrl + VCommand + VPaste selected cell(s).
Ctrl + ICommand + IAdd or remove italics.
Ctrl + BCommand + BAdd or remove bold.
Ctrl + UCommand + UAdd or remove underline.
Ctrl + 5Command + Shift + XAdd or remove strikethrough.
Ctrl + Shift + &Command + Opt + 0Add outline border to selected cell(s).
Ctrl + Shift + _Command + Opt + HyphenRemove outline border to selected cell(s).
Ctrl + DUse the Fill Down command.
Ctrl + Shift + ~Ctrl + Shift + ~Apply General Number formatting.
Ctrl + Shift + $Ctrl + Shift + $Apply Currency formatting.
Ctrl + Shift + %Ctrl + Shift + %Apply Percentage formatting.
Ctrl + Shift + ^Ctrl + Shift + ^Apply Scientific Number formatting.
Ctrl + Shift + #Ctrl + Shift + #Apply Date formatting.
Ctrl + Shift + @Ctrl + Shift + @Apply Time formatting.
Ctrl + Shift + !Ctrl + Shift + !Apply Number formatting.
Ctrl + KCommand + KOpen Insert Hyperlink dialog box.
Ctrl + YCommand + YRepeat the last command or action (if possible).
Ctrl + ZCommand + ZUndo last action.
Data, Functions, & Formulas
Ctrl + Shift + UCtrl + Shift + UExpand or collapse formula bar.
EscEscCancel entry in the cell or formula bar.
EnterComplete entry in the formula bar and select cell below.
Ctrl + EndMove cursor to end of text in formula bar.
Ctrl + Shift + EndSelect all text in formula bar from cursor position to end of bar.
Shift + F9Shift + F9Calculate active worksheet.
F9F9Calculate all worksheets.
Alt + Shift + F10Display message for Error Checking button.
Alt + =Shift + Command + TInsert the AutoSum formula.
Ctrl + ECtrl + EInvoke Flash Fill.
Shift + F3Insert a function.
Alt + F11Create an embedded chart of the data in the current range.
F11F11Create a chart of the data in the current range in a separate Chart sheet.
Alt + F8Command + F11Create, run, edit, or delete a macro.
Making Selections
Ctrl + Shift + SpacebarSelect entire workbook.
Ctrl + Shift + Page downSelect current and next sheet.
Ctrl + Shift + Page upSelect current and previous sheet.
Shift + Arrow keyShift + Arrow keyExtend selected cells by a single cell.
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow keyShift + Command + Arrow keyExtend selection to end of nonblank cells in row or column.
F8Turn on or off extend mode.
Alt + EnterStart new line in same cell.
Ctrl + EnterFill the selected cell range with the current entry.
Ctrl + SpacebarCtrl + SpacebarSelect entire column in worksheet.
Shift + SpacebarShift + SpacebarSelect entire row in a worksheet.
Ctrl + Shift + HomeCtrl + Shift + Fn + Left arrow keyExtend selection of cells to beginning of worksheet.

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