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In a web browser world where Google Chrome tends to dominate, Microsoft is working fast and furious to show that Edge is more than competitive. Using the Chromium open-source option, Edge already takes the best of Chrome’s speed and twists it into something that can give it the “edge”. From its first preview to the world in 2015 to now, Edge has grown in significant ways and is more than worth considering for any Windows 10 user. That it adds a deep set of keyboard shortcuts to make your browsing even faster is all the more reason to give it a close look.

Why Use Microsoft Edge

On a surface level, Edge is a browser not unlike the many other names you are familiar with like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. While Chrome and Edge are similar under the hood thanks to the Chromium rendering engine, that is pretty much where the similarities end. Privacy in particular is a huge reason users of other browsers should take a hard look at Edge. With three simple settings of Basic, Balanced and Strict, Edge users can set their own privacy level and know that they are secure. Edge also blocks “potentially unwanted apps” from installing which is not unlike other browser protective measures but Edge seems to take it up a notch. Beyond security, Edge offers a clean looking design that feels right at home on both Windows 10 and Mac.

Microsoft Edge Keyboart Shortcuts Browser

When you start to look at more of Edge’s unique features, that’s when it really stands out from the competition. New features like Collections that help you keep track of your ideas on the web are stand-out features that can really change how you browse the web. Speaking of browsing the web, built-in price comparison tools will help you shop online with Edge and save money. Combine price comparison and a coupon discovery tool and Edge can help put money back into your pocket. Parents can rest assured that not only does Edge have strong built-in privacy protection, but “Kids Mode” enables a browser made for young children. No matter what mode you use Edge in, extras like a huge list of keyboard shortcuts will help you browse faster and more securely without thinking twice. Let’s take a look at some of the best keyboard shortcuts so you can get started with Microsoft Edge today.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Show or hide the favorites barCtrl + Shift + BCommand + Shift + B
Set focus on the first item in the favorites barAlt + Shift + B
Save the current tab as a favoriteCtrl + DCommand + D
Save all open tabs as favorites in a new folderCtrl + Shift + DCommand + Shift + D
Select the URL in the address bar to editAlt + DCommand + L
Open a search query in the address barCtrl + E
Open the Settings and more “…” menuAlt + ECommand + , (comma)
Find on pageCtrl + FCommand + F
Search the web
Command + Option + F
Toggle tab mute on and off
Ctrl + M
Open the Settings and more “…” menuAlt + F
Jump to the next match to your Find Bar searchCtrl + GCommand + G
Jump to the previous match to your Find Bar searchCtrl + Shift + GCommand + Shift + G
Open History in a new tab (web UI)Ctrl + HCommand + Y
Open Developer ToolsCtrl + Shift + ICommand + Shift + C
Open the Send feedback dialogAlt + Shift + I
Open Downloads in a new tab (web UI)Ctrl + JCommand + Shift + J
Open a search query in the address barCtrl + K
Duplicate the current tabCtrl + Shift + K
Search the typed query in new tab
Command + Return
Select the URL in the address bar to editCtrl + L
Paste and search or Paste and go (if it’s a URL)Ctrl + Shift + L
Mute the current tab (toggle)Ctrl + M
Sign in as a different user or browse as a GuestCtrl + Shift + MCommand + Shift + M
Open a new windowCtrl + NCommand + N
Minimize window
Command + M
Minimize all windows of the front app
Command + Option + M
Open a new InPrivate windowCtrl + Shift + NCommand + Shift + N
Open a file from your computer in EdgeCtrl + OCommand + O
Open Favorites managementCtrl + Shift + O
Command + Q
Print the current pageCtrl + PCommand + P
Print using the system dialogCtrl + Shift + P
Reload the current pageCtrl + R
Reload the current page, ignoring cached contentCtrl + Shift + R
Save the current pageCtrl + SCommand + S
Open a new tab and switch to itCtrl + TCommand + T
Reopen the last closed tab, and switch to itCtrl + Shift + TCommand + Shift + T
Set focus on the first item in the toolbarAlt + Shift + T
View sourceCtrl + U
Open the JavaScript Console
Command + Option + J
Start or stop Read AloudCtrl + Shift + U
Paste without formattingCtrl + Shift + VCommand + Shift + V
Close the current tabCtrl + WCommand + W
Close the current windowCtrl + Shift + WCommand + Shift + W
Open CollectionsCtrl + Shift + Y
Reset zoom levelCtrl + 0 (zero)Command + 0 (zero)
Switch to a specific tabCtrl + 1, 2, … 8Command + 1,2,…8
Switch to the last tabCtrl + 9Command + 9
Move cursor to the beginning of first word in the same line
Command + Left arrow
Move cursor to the end of last word in the same line
Command + Right arrow
Delete the entire text field / entire line of text
Command + Delete
Add www. to the beginning and .com to the end of text typed in the address barCtrl + Enter
Switch to the next tabCtrl + TabCtrl + Fn + Down arrow
Switch to the previous tabCtrl + Shift + TabCtrl + Fn + Up arrow
Zoom inCtrl + Plus (+)Command + Plus (+)
Zoom outCtrl + Minus (-)Command + Minus (-)
Toggle PDF between fit to page / fit to widthCtrl + \ (in a PDF)Ctrl + \ (in a PDF)
Rotate PDF counter-clockwise 90*Ctrl + [ (in a PDF)Ctrl + [ (in a PDF)
Rotate PDF clockwise 90*Ctrl + ] (in a PDF)Ctrl + ] (in a PDF)
Open clear browsing data optionsCtrl + Shift + DeleteCommand + Shift + Delete
Set focus on the Settings and more “…” buttonAlt
Go backAlt + Left arrowCommand + [
Go forwardAlt + Right arrowCommand + ]
Open your home page in the current tabAlt + HomeCommand + Shift + H
Close the current windowAlt + F4Command + Shift + W
Open HelpF1
Find in the current tabF3
Close the current page in the current tabF4
Enable/disable videoCtrl + F4
Reload the current tabF5Command + R
Reload the current tab, ignoring cached contentShift + F5Command + Shift + R
Switch focus to next paneF6
Switch focus to previous paneShift + F6
Turn caret browsing on or offF7
Enter or exit Immersive ReaderF9F9
Set focus on the Settings and more “…” buttonF10
Open Setting and more “…” menuF10 + Enter
Open context menuShift + F10
Enter full screen (toggle)F11Command + Ctrl + F
Open Developer ToolsF12F12
Stop loading page; close dialog or pop-upEscESC
Scroll down webpage, one screen at a timeSpacebarSpace
Scroll up webpage, one screen at a timeShift + SpacebarShift + Space
Scroll down webpage, one screen at a timePgDn
Switch to the next tabCtrl + PgDnCtrl + Fn + Down arrow
Scroll up webpage, one screen at a timePgUp
Switch to the previous tabCtrl + PgUp
Go to the top of the page, Move keyboard focus to first item of paneHome
Go to the bottom of the page, Move keyboard focus to last item of paneEnd
Go to next tab stopTabCtrl + Tab
Go to previous tab stopShift + TabShift + Ctrl + Tab
Move to the next control
Move to the previous control
Shift + Tab

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