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If you have any type of entertainment hardware in your home, be it a TV, tablet, phone or computer, there is a good chance it can run Kodi. Raspberry Pi users can even get in on the Kodi fun as can users on iOS, Android, Linux, macOS and Windows. Even with all of the different hardware opportunities, few run as well or as seamlessly as Kodi does on a computer. Whether it’s streaming pictures, playing back video or watching TV shows, sports or movies on a computer, it’s great to have Kodi installed on what is likely the second-largest display in your home.

When Kodi is up and running on your device, the interface will help you get started with loading your own content, most of which can be stored locally on a network drive for easily accessing your entire catalog of media. As you’re watching, it’s helpful to know there are dozens of keyboard shortcuts that can help you easily navigate the entire Kodi interface on a computer.

KeyGlobalVideo PlaybackMusic Visualization
0 (Zero)Go between the last two channels OR Go to “now” on TV Guide
AAudio delay control
BLive TV: Schedule recording timersLive TV: Schedule recording timers
CContextual menuPlaylist
DMove item down
Ctrl + Shift + DToggle debug loggingToggle debug loggingToggle debug logging
ELive TV guideLive TV guide
FFast forwardFast forwardFast forward
HLive TV channels windowLive TV channels window
IInformation PageInformation PageInformation Page
JLive TV: Radio channels windowLive TV: Radio channels window
KLive TV recordings windowLive TV recordings window
LNext subtitleLock preset
M“Menu” on sidebar menu or “Move in File ManagerPlayer Controls (OSD)Player Controls (OSD)
OPlayer process info
Ctrl + Shift + OPlayer debug info
PPlayPlayVisualization preset list
alt + or Decrease/Increase Playback Speed
RRewind or Rename (File manager)RewingRewind
SShutdown menuShutdown menuShow preset
Ctrl + SScreenshotScreenshotScreenshot
TToggle subtitles on and off
Ctrl + TSubtitle position control
UMove item up (Playlist editor & Favorites window)
WMarked as watched/unwatched
XStopStop Stop
YSwitch/choose playerSwitch/choose playerSwitch/choose player
ZDisplay info
SpacePause/Play, Current playlist, highlight (file manager)Pause/PlayPause/Play
LeftSkip steps backward; Previous channel group (live TV)Skip steps backward
RightSkip steps forward; Next channel group (live TV)Skip steps forward
UpSkip steps forward 10 minutes or next chapter; Channel up (live TV)Next track
DownStep back 10 minutes or previous (videos); Channel down (live TV)
DownOption + select a messageMark a message as your oldest unread message
Ctrl + Variable seek backwards Variable seek backwards
Ctrl + Variable seek forwardVariable seek forward
Ctrl + Move subtitles up
Ctrl + Move subtitles down
PageUpPage upSkip to next queued video or next chapter if no videos are queuedIncrease rating
PageDownPage downSkip to previous queued video or previous chapter if no videos are queuedDecrease rating
Enter (Return)SelectPlayer controls (OSD)Player controls (OSD)
BackspaceBackBack Back
EscPrevious menu or home screen Exit full screen
Period Skip forwardSkip steps forwardSkip steps forward
CommaSkip backwardSkip steps backwardSkip steps backward
QuoteSmall Skip Steps or backwards 7 seconds
TabFullscreen playbackFullscreen playbackFullscreen playback
Minus Volume downVolume downVolume down
Plus +Volume upVolume upVolume up
Equals = Volume up Volume up Volume up
Backslash \ Toggle between fullscreen/windowed modeToggle between fullscreen/windowed modeToggle between fullscreen/windowed mode
Left Bracket [ Skip forward 10 minutes
Right Bracket ]Skip backward 10 minutes
Ctrl + EndExit Kodi (Only on home screen)
DeleteDelete file Remove from playlistRemove from playlist
HomeJump to top of menu
[numbers] then Enter/ReturnJump to that time in the playback (e.g. 1+2+3+4 will jump to 12 minutes and 34 seconds)Jump to that time in the playback (e.g. 1+2+3+4 will jump to 12 minutes and 34 seconds)
[numbers] then Jump backwards in that amount of time. (E.g. 1+0+ will jump back 10 seconds)Jump backwards in that amount of time. (E.g. 1+0+ will jump back 10 seconds)
[numbers] then Jump forward in that amount of time. (E.g. 1+0+ will jump forward 10 seconds.)Jump forward in that amount of time. (E.g. 1+0+ will jump forward 10 seconds.)
Picture Slide Show Controls
0-9Zoom Normal (0), Zoom level 1-9
TInfo (Exif Data)
Period .Next picture
Comma , Previous Picture
Plus + Zoom in
Minus – Zoom out
Mac Controls
CMD + QQuit
CMD + H / CMD + M Hide or minimize the dock
CMD + F Toggle fullscreen
CMD + S Take a screenshot
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