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When most people think about creating presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint is the first software that comes to mind. However, many great PowerPoint alternatives exist, including Apple's direct competitor, Keynote.

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Keynote is an intuitive yet simple presentation creation software with many great features. Its eye-catching themes, cinematic effects and transitions, and countless other tools offer much more than PowerPoint. Also, it works well on Mac computers and iPads and even supports conversion from PowerPoint to Keynote.

When you're working in Keynote, sometimes it's easier to utilize keyboard shortcuts to get things done instead of trying to move your mouse or touch the screen. Luckily, this list of Keynote keyboard shortcuts will help you master quick and easy ways to accomplish nearly anything as you design your next presentation.

ShortcutGo back to the previous build.
General Shortcuts
Command + N + COpen the Theme Chooser.
Option + Command + NOpen the Theme Chooser and show the Language pop-up menu.
EscClose the Theme Chooser.
Command + OOpen an existing presentation.
Command + SSave a presentation.
Option + Shift + Command + SSave a presentation using "Save As."
Shift + Command + SDuplicate a presentation.
Command + PPrint a presentation.
Shift + Command + Question Mark (?)Open the Keynote User Guide.
Command + HHide Keynote.
Option + Command + HHide other windows.
Command + QQuit Keynote.
Option + Command + QQuit Keynote and keep windows open.
View & Zoom
Command + WClose a window.
Option + Command + WClose all windows.
Command + MMinimize a window.
Option + Command + MMinimize all windows.
Control + Command + FEnter full-screen view.
Shift + Command + Right Angle Bracket (>).Zoom in.
Shift + Command + Left Angle Bracket (<)Zoom out.
Command + Comma (,)Show the Settings window.
Shift + Command + 0Zoom to selection.
Option + Shift + Command + 0Zoom to fit content in the window.
Option + Command + 0Fit slide in the window.
Command + 0Return to actual size.
Command + RShow the presentation rulers.
Shift + Command + VChoose a file to insert.
Shift + Command + CShow the Colors window.
Toolbar Commands
Option + Command + THide or show the toolbar.
Command + DragRearrange an item in the toolbar.
Command + Drag awayRemove an item from the toolbar.
Option + Command + IHide or show inspector sidebars.
Shift + Command + LHide or show the Object list.
Command + ASelect all object types in the Object list filter menu.
Shift + Command + ADeselect all object types in the Object list filter menu.
Control + GraveOpen the next tab in the sidebar.
Shift + Control + GraveOpen the previous tab in the sidebar.
Shift + Command + EEnter or exit Edit Slide Layouts view.
Shift + Command + NAdd a new slide layout (from Edit Slide Layouts view).
Action Correction
Command + ZUndo the last action.
Shift + Command + ZRedo the last action.
Navigating Within Presentation
Left ArrowMove one character to the left.
Right ArrowMove one character to the right.
Control + BMove one character backward (works for left-to-right and right-to-left text).
Control + FMove one character forward (works for left-to-right and right-to-left text).
Up ArrowMove to the line above.
Down ArrowMove to the line below.
Option + Left Arrow
or Control + Option + B
Move to the beginning of the current or previous word.
Option + Right Arrow
or Control + Option + F
Move to the end of the current or next word.
Command + Up ArrowMove to the beginning of the current text area.
Command + Down ArrowMove to the bottom of the current text area.
Command + Left ArrowMove to the beginning of the current line.
Command + Right ArrowMove to the end of the current line.
Option + Up ArrowMove to the beginning of the current paragraph.
Option + Down ArrowMove to the end of the current paragraph.
Command + EFind the selected item in the presentation.
Command + JJump to a selection in a presentation.
or Fn + Up Arrow
Scroll to the beginning of the slide.
or Fn + Down Arrow
Scroll to the end of the slide.
Control + LCenter the insertion point in the app window.
Fn + Down Arrow
or Page Down
Move to the next slide.
Fn + Up Arrow
or Page Up
Move to the previous slide.
Fn + Left Arrow
or Home
Move to the first slide.
Fn + Right Arrow
or End
Move to the last slide.
Control + Command + GGo to a specific slide.
Format Text
Command + TShow the Fonts window.
Shift + Command + CShow the Colors window.
Command + BApply boldface to selected text.
Command + IApply italic to selected text.
Command + UApply underline to selected text.
DeleteDelete the previous character or selection.
Fn + DeleteDelete the next character or selection.
Option + DeleteDelete the word before the insertion point.
Option + Forward Delete the word after the insertion point.
Control + KDelete the text between the insertion point and the next paragraph break.
Command + Plus Sign (+)Make the font size bigger.
Command + Minus Sign (-)Make the font size smaller.
Option + Command + Left Bracket ( [ )Decrease the space between selected characters.
Option + Command + Right Bracket ( ] )Increase the space between selected characters.
Control + Command + Plus Sign (+)Make the text superscript.
Control + Command + Minus Sign (-)Make the text subscript.
Command + Left Brace ( { )Align the text flush left.
Command + Vertical Bar (|)Center the text.
Command + Right Brace ( } )Align the text flush right.
Option + Command + Vertical Bar (|)Align the text flush left and flush right (justify).
Command + Left Bracket ([)Decrease the indent level of a block of text or a list item.
Command + Right Bracket (])Increase the indent level of a block of text or a list item.
Shift + TabDecrease the indent level of a list item or headline.
TabIncrease the indent level of a list item or headline.
Command + KTurn text or an object into a link.
Command + XCut the selection.
Command + CCopy the selection.
Option + Command + CCopy the paragraph style.
Command + VPaste the selection.
Option + Command + VPaste the paragraph style.
Option + Shift + Command + VPaste and match the style of the destination text.
Shift + DragAdd a range to (or remove it from) the selection.
Option + Space barInsert a nonbreaking space.
Shift + ReturnInsert a line break (soft return).
ReturnInsert a paragraph break.
Control + OInsert a new line after the insertion point.
Control + Command + Space BarEnter special characters.
Control + TTranspose the characters on either side of the insertion point.
Find, Replace, & Check Text
Command + FFind the next instance of the word while in the Find window.
Command + GAdd a new slide layout (from the Edit Slide Layouts view).
Shift + Command + GOpen the Find tool.
Command + EPlace the selected text in the Find & Replace text field.
ReturnReplace text.
Command + JScroll the window to show the selected text or object.
EscHide the Find window.
Control + Command + DLook up the word at the insertion point.
Option + EscDisplay a list of words to complete the selected word.
Command + Semicolon (;)Check spelling and grammar.
Shift + Command + Colon (:)Show the “Spelling and Grammar” window.
Shift + Command + KOpen a new comment for the selected text, object, or table cell.
Command + ReturnSave a comment.
Option + Command + KShow the next comment.
Option + Shift + Command + KShow the previous comment.
Edit Objects
Shift + Command + LShow or hide the object list.
Command + A
(after selecting one object)
Select all objects.
Shift + Command + ADeselect all objects.
Command + DragAdd or remove objects from the selection.
TabSelect the next object on the slide.
Shift + TabSelect the previous object on the slide.
Command + ClickSelect or deselect additional objects.
Any arrow keyFind the previous instance of the word while in the Find window.
Shift + Any arrow keyMove the selected object ten points.
Option + Command + CCopy the graphic style of text.
Option + Command + VPaste the graphic style of text.
Shift + Command + BSend the selected object to the back.
Option + Shift + Command + BSend the selected object one layer back.
Shift + Command + FBring the selected object to the front.
Option + Shift + Command + FBring the selected object one layer forward.
Option + Command + GGroup selected objects.
Option + Shift + Command + GUngroup selected objects.
Command + LLock selected objects.
Option + Command + LUnlock selected objects.
Command + DDuplicate the object.
Shift (while rotating)Rotate the object 45°.
Shift + Command + MMask or unmask the object.
ReturnHide mask controls.
Command + ReturnExit text editing and select the object.
Control + Option + Command + IDefine the object as a media placeholder.
Control + Option + Command + TDefine the selected text as a text placeholder.
Navigator View
or Shift + Command + N
Create a new slide at the same level as the last selected slide.
TabIndent selected slides to the right.
Shift + TabMove indented slides to the left.
Shift + DragSelect multiple slides.
Shift + ClickExtend or decrease the slide selection.
Command + ClickAdd (or remove) a single discontiguous slide from the selection.
Command + DDuplicate a slide.
DeleteDelete selected slides.
Down ArrowMove to the next slide.
Up ArrowMove to the previous slide.
Right ArrowExpand a slide group.
Left ArrowCollapse a slide group.
Shift + Command + HSkip a slide so it doesn’t show in a presentation, or show a slide that’s being skipped.
Presentation Mode
Option + Command + PPlay a presentation.
Option + Play button in the toolbarPlay a presentation beginning with the first slide.
Right Arrow
or Down Arrow
Advance to the next slide or build.
Left Arrow
or Up Arrow
Create a new slide at the same level as last selected slide.
Shift + Right ArrowAdvance to the next build or slide without animation.
Shift + Down ArrowAdvance to the next slide without builds and animations.
Shift + Command + PShow or hide presenter notes.
Shift + Left Arrow
or Shift + Up Arrow
Go to the previous slide.
ZGo back through previously viewed slides.
FPause the presentation.
BPause the presentation and show a black screen.
WPause the presentation and show a white screen.
CShow or hide the pointer.
SDisplay the slide number.
Press a slide numberOpen the slide switcher.
Plus Sign (+)Go to the next slide in the slide switcher.
Minus Sign (-)Go to the previous slide in the slide switcher.
ReturnGo to the current slide and close the slide switcher.
EscClose the slide switcher.
XSwitch the primary and presenter displays.
RReset timer.
UScroll the presenter notes up.
DScroll the presenter notes down.
Command + Plus Sign (+)Increase note font size.
Command + Minus Sign (-)Decrease note font size.
or Q
Quit presentation mode.
HHide the presentation and switch to last app used.
Question Mark (?)Show or hide keyboard shortcuts.
HomeGo to first slide.
EndGo to last slide.

Image credit: Canva. Alterations made by Megan Glosson.

Megan Glosson
Megan Glosson

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