Google Keep and Google Tasks Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Google Keep or Google Tasks is much easier if you take advantage of keyboard shortcuts.

Google Tasks And Keep Shortcuts

Google Keep, the notes app from Google, gives Apple Notes and Evernote a run for their money. In fact, Google Keep offers many features beyond basic note-taking functions. For example, you can add images, and voice recordings, create lists, and collaborate with others in Google Keep. You can even archive or pin notes and add labels to them.

Similarly, the task management service Google Tasks offers the ability to create and manage tasks right from Gmail. You can create lists, and subtasks, set due dates, and synchronize with Google Calendar.

All of these Google Keep features and Google Tasks capabilities are great. However, they would be enhanced if one could perform them using keyboard shortcuts. Thankfully, Google Keep and Google Tasks offer a bunch of keyboard shortcuts as listed in this cheat sheet.

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Google Keep Keyboard Shortcuts

Please Note: To perform any action on a note using a keyboard shortcut, you must first select the note. You can select a note either by clicking on it or pressing the X key when you reach it.

CCNew note.
JJGo to the next note.
KKGo to the previous note.
O or EnterO or EnterOpen the note.
# (Shift +3)# (Shift + 3)Add a label to a note.
Shift + JShift + JMove note to next position.
Shift + KShift + KMove note to the previous position.
List Notes
LLNew list note.
NNGo to the next list item.
PPGo to the previous list item.
Shift + NShift + NMove list item to next position.
Shift + PShift + PMove list item to the previous position.
Ctrl + Shift + 8Command + Shift + 8Show/hide checkboxes.
Ctrl + ]Command + ]Indent list item.
Ctrl + [Command + [Dedent list item.
Note Actions
XXSelect a note.
Ctrl + ACommand + ASelect all.
FFPin/unpin a note.
# (Shift +3)# (Shift +3)Delete the selected note.
EEArchive the selected note.
Esc or Ctrl + EnterCommand + EnterClose the editor and save the note.
Home Screen
//Move the cursor to the search bar.
Ctrl + GCommand + GToggle list and grid view.
??View all keyboard shortcuts.

Google Tasks Keyboard Shortcuts

Individual Task Actions
SpaceSpaceMark a task as complete/incomplete.
EnterReturnEdit a task.
EnterReturnAdd a task
Delete or BackspaceDeleteDelete a task.
Ctrl + UpCommand + UpMove task up.
Ctrl + DownCommand + DownMove task down.
Ctrl + ]Command + ]Indent task.
Ctrl + [Command + [Remove indent.
S,+, =S ,+, =Star a task.
S, –S, –Remove from starred.
Ctrl + Alt + EnterCommand + Opt + ReturnAdd a subtask or sublist.
List Actions
Ctrl + UpCommand + UpMove the list up.
Ctrl + DownCommand + DownMove the list down.
Ctrl + Shift + UpCommand + Shift + UpMove the list to the top.
Ctrl + Shift + DownCommand + Shift + DownMove the list to the bottom.
Ctrl + PCommand + PPrint a task list.
. (or V). (or V)Move to list.
Ctrl + ZCommand +ZUndo action.
Ctrl + /Command + /Show a full list of shortcuts.

Image credit: William Fortunato on Pexels

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