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With over 1.5 billion users worldwide, Gmail has easily become the most commonly used email client for people across the world wide web. In fact, many people use Gmail for both their personal and professional email accounts, and it's easy to see why when you look at all of the fantastic features and automations Gmail offers its users.

If you want to save time and boost your productivity every time you check your email, this list of Gmail keyboard shortcuts will surely help.

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Note: Before you can use any keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, you will need to enable the use of keyboard shortcuts by going to "Settings -> See All Settings -> Keyboard Shortcuts."

Compose & Chat
CCCompose email.
Shift + CShift + CCompose email in a new window.
or 0
or O
Open email.
NNNext message in an open conversation.
PPPrevious message in an open conversation.
Shift + EscShift + EscFocus main window.
EscEscFocus latest chat or compose.
Ctrl + Period (.)Cmnd + Period (.)Advance to the next chat or compose.
Ctrl + Comma (,)Cmnd + Comma (,)Advance to previous chat or compose.
Ctrl + EnterCmnd + ReturnSend a message.
Ctrl + Shift + CCmnd + Shift + CAdd cc recipients.
Ctrl + Shift + BCmnd + Shift + BAdd bcc recipients.
Ctrl + Shift + FCmnd + Shift + FAccess custom from.
Ctrl + KCmnd + KInsert a link.
Cmnd + Semicolon (;)Go to next misspelled word (Mac only).
Ctrl + MCmnd + MOpen spelling suggestions.
//Search Mail.
QQSearch Chat contacts.
Period (.)Period (.)Open "More Actions" menu.
VVOpen "Move To" menu.
LLOpen "Label As" menu.
??Open Keyboard Shortcut Help.
G + NG + NGo to next page.
G + PG + PGo to previous page.
UUBack to thread list.
KKNewer conversation.
JJOlder conversation.
Backtick (`)Backtick (`)Go to the next Inbox section.
~~Go to previous Inbox section.
##Move conversation to trash.
VVMove conversation to a different folder.
SSAdds a star to any email.
!!Marks message as spam
RRReply to sender.
Shift + RShift + RReply to the message in a new window.
AAReplies to all senders.
Shift + AShift + AReplies to all senders in a new window.
FFForward message.
Shift + FShift + FForward message in a new window.
Shift + IShift + IMarks message as read.
Shift + UShift + UMarks message as unread.
Shift + NShift + NUpdates current conversation.
Plus (+)Plus (+)Mark as important.
Minus (-)Minus (-)Mark as not important.
BBSnooze conversation.
Semicolon (;)Semicolon (;)Expand conversation.
Colon (:)Colon (:)Collapse conversation.
G + AG + AOpen All Mail folder.
G + SG + SOpen Starred folder.
G + CG + COpen Contacts.
G + DG + DOpen Drafts.
G + LG + LMoves cursor to search box with Label operator.
G + IG + IReturn to Inbox.
G + TG + TMove to Sent Mail.
G + KG + KGo to Tasks.
Formatting Text
Ctrl + Shift + 5Cmnd + Shift + 5Previous font.
Ctrl + Shift + 6Cmnd + Shift + 6Next font.
Ctrl + Shift + Minus (-)Cmnd + Shift + Minus (-)Decrease text size.
Ctrl + Shift + Plus (+)Ctrl + Shift + Plus (+)Increase text size.
Ctrl + BCmnd + BBold font.
Ctrl + ICmnd + IItalicize font.
Ctrl + UCmnd + UUnderline font.
Ctrl + Shift + 7Cmnd + Shift + 7Numbered list.
Ctrl + Shift + 8Cmnd + Shift + 8Bullet list.
Ctrl + Shift + 9Cmnd + Shift + 9Quote.
Ctrl + [Cmnd + [Indent less.
Ctrl + ]Cmnd + ]Indent more.
Ctrl + Shift + LCmnd + Shift + LAlign left.
Ctrl + Shift + ECmnd + Shift + EAlign center.
Ctrl + Shift + RCmnd + Shift + RAlign right.
Ctrl + \Cmnd + \Remove formatting.

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