Gmail Shortcuts Cheatsheet


This Gmail shortcuts cheatsheet can help you boost your productivity while using Gmail. For example, pressing “C” will open the compose window or pressing “G” followed by “S” will take you to the Starred mail options.

It’s always a good idea to learn shortcut key combinations to functions you use on a regular basis. But before you start memorizing this Gmail shortcuts cheat sheet, make sure you have enabled Gmail shortcuts in your email settings. If you haven’t, follow the steps below.

Click on the wheel icon and go to Settings.


Under the General tab, locate Keyboard shortcuts and turn them on.


Note: the following keyboard shorcuts are not case-sensitive

Shortcut KeyFunction
CCompose email
Shift + CCompose Email in a new window
Enter / 0Open email
/Moves to Search box
UReturn to Conversation list
JMoves the selection to most recent emails / scrolls down
KMove the cursor to next conversation / scroll up
MMute conversation, archives conversation and all future messages skip inbox
NMoves to Next Message (applicable in Conversation View only)
PMoves cursor to previous message (applicable in Conversation View)
XChecks any conversation
E or YMoves any checked conversation to archive
+Mark conversation as important
-Mark conversation as not important
!Report spam
CTRL + SSave draft
#Move conversation to trash
VMove conversation to different folder
SAdds a star to any email / Starred Mail
Shift + 1Marks message as spam
R Reply to sender
Shift + RReplied to message in a new window
AReplies to all sender
Shift + AReplies to all senders in a new window
FForward message
Shift + FForward message in a new window
Shift + 3 Moves an email to trash
LOpens Label menu to label any email
Shift + IMarks message as read
Shift + UMarks message as unread
Shift + NUpdates current conversation window if there are new messages
QMoves cursor to chat search box
. Or ,Opens more menu
CTRL + Shift + cAdd CC recipients
CTRL + Shift + bAdd BCC recipients
ZUndo last action
Tab then Enter or CTRL + EnterSends email after composing
Y then OArchives conversation you are reading and moves to next one
G then AOpen All Mail folder
G then SOpen Starred folder
G then COpen Contacts
G then DOpen Drafts
G then LMoves cursor to search box with Label operator
G then IReturn to Inbox
G then TMove to Sent Mail
* then ASelect All Mails
* then USelect all unread mails
* then RSelect all read mails
* then NDeselect all mails
* then TSelect all unstarred mails
* then SSelect all starred mails