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Discord is a VoIP platform that allows you to communicate with people through video and voice conferencing, as well as instant messaging. In addition, Discord also allows you to send and receive different file types, and setup and view live broadcasts. Essentially, the platform functions like TeamSpeak.

Discord’s community lives on different servers with several channels inside each. These channels can be for different games, internet personalities, interests, etc.

However, Discord is popular among gamers who play titles that require constant and real-time communication. Players of competitive multiplayer games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, CSGO, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Call of Duty: Warzone use Discord to communicate with other players.

Essential Discord Keyboard Shortcuts

Within Discord, there are tons of actions you can take. To help you execute commands quickly, here’s a list of Discord shortcuts for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Server and Channel Navigation
Ctrl + Alt + ↑Command + Option + ↑Scroll up the list of servers.
Ctrl + Alt + ↓Command + Option + ↓Scroll down the list of servers.
Ctrl + Alt + →Ctrl + Alt + →Navigates to last server or private message.
Alt + ↑Option + ↑Scroll up the list of channels in a server.
Alt + ↓Option + ↓Scroll down the list of channels in a server.
Alt + Shift + ↑Option + Shift + ↑Scroll up the list of unread channels in a server.
Alt + Shift + ↓Option + Shift + ↓Scroll down the list of unread channels in a server.
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + ↑Command + Shift + Option + ↑Scroll up the list of unread channels with mentions.
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + ↓Command + Shift + Option + ↓Scroll down the list of unread channels with mentions.
EscEscMarks channel as read.
Shift + EscShift + EscMarks server as read.
Ctrl + /Command + /Toggles Discord’s keyboard combos list.
Ctrl + PCommand + PToggles the pinned messages pop-up.
Ctrl + ICommand + IToggles the mentions pop-up.
Ctrl + UCommand + UToggles the channel member list.
Ctrl + ECommand + EToggles the emoji picker.
Ctrl + GCtrl + GToggles the GIF picker.
Ctrl + SCtrl + SToggles the sticker picker.
Pg UpFn + ↑Scrolls chat up.
Pg DnFn + ↓Scrolls chat down.
Shift + Pg UpShift + Fn + ↑Jumps to the oldest unread message.
Shift + Pg DnShift + Fn + ↓Jumps to the newest unread message.
Ctrl + Shift + NCommand + Shift + NLets you pick between creating or joining a server.
Ctrl + RCtrl + RRefreshes Discord.
Ctrl + FCtrl + FToggles the search bar.
Ctrl + `Ctrl + `Toggles Discord in-game overlay.
Voice and Text Navigation
Ctrl + EnterCommand + ReturnAnswers an incoming call.
Ctrl + KCommand + KToggles QuickSwitch.
Ctrl + ‘Ctrl + ‘Starts a private call.
EscEscDeclines an incoming call.
Ctrl + Shift + TCommand + Shift + TCreates a private group.
Ctrl + ]Command + ]Starts a call in a private group.
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + VCtrl + Shift + Alt + VGoes to current call or voice channel.
Tab / A-ZTabFocuses on the text area.
Alt + ←Option + ←Returns to the audio channel you’re connected to.
Alt + →Option + →Returns to the previous text channel.
Ctrl + Shift + MCommand + Shift + MMutes your mic.
Ctrl + Shift + DCommand + Shift + DMutes other people’s mics.
Ctrl + Shift + HCommand + Shift + HOpens the Discord help menu.
Ctrl + Shift + UCommand + Shift + UOpens the upload file pop-up.

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