Asana Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Asana Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet Featured

Asana is a great tool to manage and breakdown your complex projects into small tasks. If you use Asana as your primary project management tool, it’s useful to learn some of keyboard shortcuts for this service.

These shortcuts will help you get things done with a few keystrokes on your keyboard. Here you go.

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My Tasks
Tab + YTab + YMark as Today
Tab + UTab + UMark as Upcoming
Tab + LTab + LMark as Later
KKGo up
JJGo down
HHAccess the Inbox
SSAccess the Archive
FFFollow or Unfollow
IISend to Archive
UUMove to Inbox
Task Actions
EnterEnterCreate a new task
Tab + BackspaceTab + DeleteRemove selected task
BackspaceDeleteRemove current task
Ctrl + EnterCommand + EnterMark a task as Complete
Ctrl + Up ArrowCommand + Up ArrowMove up
Ctrl + Down ArrowCommand + Down ArrowMove down
Ctrl + Shift + Up ArrowCommand + Shift + Up ArrowJump up to the next section
Ctrl + Shift + Down ArrowCommand + Shift + Down ArrowJump down to the next section
Ctrl + CCommand + CCopy highlighted tasks
Ctrl + VCommand + VPaste tasks
Tab + MTab + MAssign task to yourself
Tab + HTab + HGo to Home
Tab + NTab + NCreate a new Section
Tab + PTab + PAdd to a project
Tab + ZTab + ZGo to My Tasks
Tab + ITab + IGo to Inbox
Tab + OTab + OHide/unhide Sidebar
Tab + CTab + CAdd a comment to the selected task
Tab + ATab + AAssign the selected task
Tab + DTab + DAssign a due date
Tab + FTab + FAdd a Follower
Tab + TTab + TAssign a tag to the task
Tab + STab + SFocus on Subtasks
Tab + /Tab + /Search
Up ArrowUp ArrowSelect previous item
Down ArrowDown ArrowSelect next item
Shift + Up ArrowShift + Up ArrowSelect previous range
Shift + Down ArrowShift + Down ArrowSelect next range
Ctrl + ClickCommand + ClickMulti-select individual task
Ctrl + /Command + /View keyboard shortcuts
EscEscHide/unhide the right pane
Tab + XTab + XAccess Focus Mode
Tab + QTab + QQuick add
Tab + EnterTab + EnterPost a comment
Tab + BTab + BSay it out loud
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