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There isn’t anyone among us who doesn’t enjoy some level of nostalgia, whether it’s items from our childhood, from our high school days, from our days spent with our children when they were young, etc. A favorite child’s toy is receiving a tech upgrade, making it now solely a toy for nostalgic adults. The Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone now includes Bluetooth to pair it with your smartphone.

Child’s Toy Gets Tech Upgrade

Some people go through adulthood filling up their lives with their favorite childhood toys and games. Retro video games are always big business. The question is whether these nostalgic adults want their old-fashioned toys upgraded to today’s standards with technology.

The Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone resembled a rotary dial handset. It had a face on it to remain friendly to children. The handset would lift up, and it was possibly the first “mobile” phone, having wheels and a pull string, with eyes that rolled when it was on the go.

Chatter Telephone Bluetooth Retro

The toy is celebrating its 60th anniversary. In fact, it’s only a few years older than me. I remember it both as a child myself and as a parent. I think there may still be one in my father’s home that my children and niece and nephew played with.

To celebrate the anniversary, Fisher-Price is releasing a high-tech version of the toy. This means you’re probably not going to put it in your child’s hands, but it could be the missing piece to your retro-decorated home.

How the Chatterbox Telephone with Bluetooth Works

The Chatterbox Telephone connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, making it a very unique Bluetooth speaker. You can use the rotary dial to place calls but may tire of the retro game after a few times of dialing numbers with mainly eights, nines, and zeros.

Chatter Telephone Bluetooth Rotary Dial

You can also answer calls on the high-tech toy by picking up the handset. There’s a speakerphone button if the idea of holding a phone to your head is too retro. While on the call, it will still work as a pull toy. It now includes a battery with nine hours of talk time and charges via micro USB.


If you’re getting a head start on your holiday shopping before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can pre-order the Chatter Telephone and pay $60 to go along with its 60-year anniversary.

Chatter Telephone Bluetooth Micro Usb

But if you’re extra-nostaligic, you can still get the toy version on Amazon in both its modern form and the older version you (or your parents) may remember.

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