Are You Changing Your Tech Habits to Combat Climate Change?

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Scientists have been warning us that life as we know it on earth isn’t going to last much longer if we don’t do anything to change our habits. Some people are very worried and doing everything they can to change their habits to hopefully save the planet. Others don’t put much stock in the idea of climate change and refuse to make any changes.

Of those who are making changes wherever they can, sometimes that can include changes in technology habits. This shower uses NASA-certified technology to reduce water usage by up to 90 percent. Are you changing your tech habits to combat climate change?

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Sayak explains “if you’re living anywhere in the tropics, you will notice an average rise in temperature and water-logging” when it rains, a distant effect of the glaciers melting in Greenland or Antartica. Yet, even though you may live elsewhere, it doesn’t mean you’re immune from environmental impacts. He finds denying climate change baseless.

He tries not to use plastics and paper printouts and doesn’t discard old electronics, such as phones, realizing they have tremendous reuse potential. He uses energy-efficient refrigerators and doesn’t overcharge his devices. “I don’t mind going on until the battery dips below 10 percent because they’ve been designed to operate in low-power mode.” He believes each person can make a difference.

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Andrew doesn’t see climate change as a big factor in his tech habits but does try to take the more sustainable option whenever it’s available. He tries to repair technology or find a reuse for it rather than purchase something new if it’s viable, despite that getting more difficult, especially with smartphones, and he doesn’t have many energy-sucking appliances in his home. “As an individual, there’s not much I can really contribute aside from displaying general awareness and maybe contributing to enough demand for eco-friendly tech that it actually gets implemented on a large scale.”

Ryan reports he is acutely aware of the problems that tech products pose on the environment. “E-waste is something that everyone needs to try and minimize,” and it’s one of the reasons he really dislikes the fact that manufacturers are moving away from end-user repairs and upgrades.

Personally, he tries to repair whatever he can and upgrade only when absolutely necessary. He also makes an effort to recycle his electronics at e-waste facilities and properly dispose of batteries. A year ago he even wrote an article about apps that can help you be more environmentally conscious.

Simon recently moved to a 100% green energy supplier a few months ago, so charging his gadgets has a much lower carbon footprint.

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I have a niece who is very involved in reducing waste, specifically plastic waste, and constant reminders from her have caused me to make changes where I can to limit my plastic use, though that’s not directly related to technology. One place where I am wasteful is that I buy so many things online, and shipping materials are often wasteful, though I did read recently that Amazon is beginning to use less wasteful shipping materials, and that is encouraging. There is so much paper and plastic used in shipping sometimes that is just so wasteful. Plastic inside boxes inside boxes.

I make changes wherever I can see it will help. I also do not add to e-waste. I am big on re-homing things. I give away or sell old devices when I can. I replace my iPads often, but I have always found others to sell or give my old ones to, as well as my old iPhones. I have all my old computers that no longer work, meaning to return them at some point back to Apple to recycle them but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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Where do you sit with this? Are there things you are doing that are more environmentally conscious that relate specifically back to technology? What do you do with old tech products? Do you use energy-saving appliances? Are you changing your tech habits to combat climate change? Tell us in a comment below how you are contributing.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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