What Do You Think of the Changes to the Facebook Like Button?


Facebook has recently made changes to its “Like” button, giving users many more choices when they want to acknowledge a friend’s post. What do you think of the changes to the Facebook’s Like button?

The problem with the old Like button on Facebook was the word itself: “Like.” Often when a friend posts a thought, a link, a photo, or a video to Facebook, we want to acknowledge that we’ve seen it but don’t feel the need to comment, so we hit the “Like” button. However, it’s not always appropriate, such as the times when someone is posting about a death or something scary that happened to them.

This is where the changed Like button comes in handy. Now you don’t have to tell someone you are liking something that should be sad or scary. With the new changes, you can either “Like” it, “Love” it, “HaHa” it, “Wow” it, “Sad” it, or “Angry” it. In that list, you can find many more appropriate reactions other than just “Like.”


Is this change that Facebook made about time? Is this just a little bit too unnecessary? Or do you find the whole thing just too confusing?

What do you think of the changes to the Facebook Like button?

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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  1. What changes to the like button? I have been using the (Windows) app since 2013 and Facebook have not made a single change to any of their features. There is only a thumbs up that you click on (or not).

  2. Change to the Like button? Do you know what they want to achieve with this?
    They just want to increase the time spent on facebook by a user. Facebook is one of the worst things on the internet.

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