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Since the inception of Google Assistant, there has only been one single female voice and a handful of languages. Thankfully, Google has expanded these options. Now we can choose from multiple voices and languages, including several regional Indian languages. Google has added a bunch of languages from all around the world. This makes it easier for users to interact and make use of Google Assistant in their local language. In this post, we show how you can change the Google Assistant voice and language on Android devices.

Change Google Assistant Language

Google now lets you choose between more than 40 languages to interact with Google Assistant. Here’s how you can change the language of Google Assistant on your Android device:

1. Open the Google app on your Android smartphone and head to Settings.

Google Assistant Languages Setting

2. Tap on Google Assistant. Scroll down until you find the Languages option.

Google Assistant Voice Change Settings

3. Note that you can add up to two languages. To change the primary language, tap on the first option. To add the second language, tap on the “Add a language” option.

Add Languages

4. A pop-up menu of all the languages that Google Assistant supports will show up. Select your desired language.

List Of Supported Google Assistant Languages

That’s it!

How to Change Google Assistant Voice

1. Open the Google app and head to Settings.

Google Assistant Languages Setting 1

2. Tap on Google Assistant. Scroll down a little and select the option “Assistant Voice” from the list of options.

Assistant Voice Settings

3. Change the voice of Google Assistant. There are different colors to denote Assistant voices. Instead of names, you need to select the color. Note that Red is the default female voice.

4. There are multiple color options to choose from. The colors includes Cyan, Green, Amber, Orange, and more.

Change Google Assistant Voice Options

5. Simply swipe on the colored circles to hear the new voice. A preview of the voice option will play through your speakers. Select your desired voice for Google Assistant.

Wrapping Up

As we have shown, it is easy to change the language and voice of Google Assistant. This inclusion of multiple languages will definitely help non-English-speaking people, as they can now switch over to their local language and interact with Google Assistant. Next, learn how to use Google Assistant in Chrome on Android.

Image credit: Android Assistant on the Google Pixel XL smartphone

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