How to Change Your Username and Nickname on Discord

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If you’ve been on Discord for a long time, you might feel that a username change is in order. If that’s the case, you should know that on Discord, unlike other social apps like Reddit, it’s easy to change your username whenever you want to. This tutorial shows how to change your username and nickname on Discord.

How to Change Your Discord Username

On Discord your username is made up of two components: the username per-se, the one you picked yourself when you first created your account on the network.

Then, there’s your Discord tag which is a unique number indicator that shows up beside your username and ranges from 0001 and 9999. This discriminator is randomly generated and is separated from the username by a “#” character. While users can change their usernames, only Discord Nitro subscribers can customize their tags.

To change your Discord username on a regular account, follow these steps:


  1. Launch the Discord client on your PC and log into your account.
  2. At the bottom of the display on the left side, click on the Gear icon next to your current username.
Change Discord Username Settings
  1. Doing this will take you to your “My Account” page. Here, beneath your profile image you’ll notice the Username field. Tap on Edit.
Change Discord Username My Account Edit
  1. Delete your old username and type in the new one you wish to use from now on.
  2. Now, input your password and press Done.
Change Discord Username New Username Save
  1. Your username should now appear your “My Account” page.


  1. Open the Discord app on your phone (in this case we used the Discord app for Android).
  2. Tap on any server you’ve previously joined.
  3. Now, press on your profile image in the lower right corner.
Change Discord Username Mobile Profile Picture
  1. Select “My Account”.
Change Discord Username Mobile My Account
  1. Tap on Username.
Change Discord Username Mobile New Username
  1. Enter your new username.
Change Discord Username Mobile Save New Username
  1. Once done, press the Save button (the floppy disk looking one) in the lower right corner.

That’s it, you now have a new username on Discord. However, keep in mind that your tag has remained the same in this method.

How to Change Your Discord Tag without Nitro

If you really want to change your Discord tag, you can do so even without a Nitro subscription. However, note that you won’t be able to pick it yourself. Instead, we’ll show you how you can generate a new random tag, which hopefully you’ll like better than the old one.

PC and Mobile

  1. On your PC or mobile, go to the “My Account” section like we showed you above.
  2. Tap on Username.
  3. Change your username to be the same as your tag.
Change Discord Username Change Tag
  1. Save the changes by pressing “Done.”
  2. When you do that, Discord will immediately generate a new tag for you. It will be randomly assigned to your username just like in the case of the initial one. You will see this as you return to “My Account”.
Change Discord Username New Tag Available
  1. Now, go ahead and change your username back to the original one you’ve previously used.
  2. That’s it, your account now has a new tag.
Change Discord Username Change To Original Username

How to Change Your Nickname on Discord

With nicknames you can customize your name in each sever that you’re in, provided you have the right permissions to do so. There are two permissions dedicated to nickname usage: “Change Nickname” and “Manage Nickname”.

Change Discord Username Permissions

It’s easy to check if you can change your nickname, here’s how it’s done.


  1. Open Discord on your PC and head on to the server where you want to change your nickname on.
  2. Tap on the downward pointing arrow next to the server’s name.
Change Discord Username Server Down Arrow
  1. Select “Edit Server Profile” from there.
Change Discord Username Edit Server Profile
  1. If you have the necessary permission, you’ll see the Nickname field is available.
Change Discord Username Change Nickname
  1. Type in the new nickname and then save to make the change visible on the server.


  1. On mobile, go to the server in question by tapping on the appropriate bubble.
  2. Tap on the three-dots in the upper right corner.
Change Discord Username Mobile Three Dots
  1. Select “Edit Server Profile” from the men that pops up from the bottom.
Change Discord Username Mobile Edit Server Profile
  1. Type in your new nickname if the Nickname section is available.
Change Discord Username Mobile Change Nickname

In both cases, if it turns out that you can’t type in the Nickname field, you might want to reach out to the server owners or administrators to see if they can grant you the permissions needed for you to change your nickname on their server.

How to Change Other People’s Nicknames on a Server

If you have the “Manage Nicknames” permission activated, you can also tweak other users’ nicknames on a server. However, in most cases, when you’re using other people’s servers you won’t probably be able to do so. But if you have your own server, this is how you can change someone’s nickname in there.


  1. On your server, check out the list of users on the right side of the display.
  2. Find the user in question and right-click on their username.
  3. Select the “Change Nickname” option.
Change Discord Username Change Nickname Someone Else
  1. A pop up will appear allowing you to input the new nickname. A warning is attached to this process as well. Given that nicknames are visible to everyone on the server, you shouldn’t change them unless you are enforcing a naming system the other participants are aware of.
Change Discord Username Change Nickname Confirmation
  1. Anyway, if you wish to proceed with the new nickname assignation, simply press Save.


  1. On mobile, go to your server and open a channel.
  2. Tap on the People icon in the upper right corner to see all the people in that particular channel.
Change Discord Username Mobile People Icon
  1. Find the person in question and long tap on their nickname.
Change Discord Username Mobile Tap Account
  1. Select “Manage User”.
Change Discord Username Mobile Manage User
  1. Change their nickname by filling it out in the top section.
Change Discord Username Mobile Change Other Nickname
  1. Press the Save button when it appears at the bottom.

Now that you’ve changed their nickname on your server, they will show up as such in the list of members in the server’s channels. If you tap/click on that specific nickname, you’ll see their username underneath.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Discord username unique?

Yes and no. Your username per se can be shared with other users. However, the combination between your username and tag makes the whole package unique, and so differentiate you from others. For instance, “alma#6482” is different from “alma#5820”.

What is a Discord ID? Is it the same as your Discord username?

Your Discord ID is a 18-digit number that’s tied to your account. However, you’ll need to turn on Developer Mode on first to be able to view your Discord ID. To do that go to Settings in Discord (gear icon on PC) and then click on Advanced. Turn on the “Developer Mode” toggle. Now, go ahead and right-click/long tap on a user’s profile picture (including your own) and select copy ID to get their ID.

Is your username the same as your name on Discord?

No, it’s not. Your Name on Discord is a separate moniker. It is used only when you send friend requests to people you have in your contact book. For this reason this field will show up only in the mobile app. You’ll find it under “My Account.”

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